Genetic Variation Vocabulary
1. Cells
the basic unit of structure and function in all living things.
2. Inheritance:
Passing of genetic information from on generation to the next.
3. organelles:
little organs
4. nucleus:
a membrane bound structure that contains the cell's hereditary
information and controls the cell's growth and reproduction
5. DNA
Genetic Material, Huge molecules containing the genetic code. They are
coiled to fit in the nucleus.
6. Alleles
The basic unit of heredity, code for a feature of an organism
7. Gene
The 2 corresponding alleles in two paired chromosomes is known as gene
8. Genotype
is combination of alleles in an organism. Genotype lists the paired alleles
that are particular to that organism. Ex: aa, Ee, FF, TT
9. Dominant allele
have more influence and represented by uppercase letter. Ex: E F T
10. Recessive allele
Have less influence and are represented by lowercase letter.
Ex: e f t a
11. Partial dominance
When the both alleles have influence
12. Phenotype
is the appearance of the trait in the organism. Ex: AA = short leg, Aa =
short leg, aa = long leg
13. Homozygous genes
genes that are made up of two dominant alleles or two recessive alleles.
Example: AA, aa
14. Heterozygous genes
genes that are made up one dominant allele and one recessive allele. Aa
15. Punnett square
is a tool that helps to predict the possible traits of the offspring