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About the Speakers
Morgan Bennett, is a graduate of Ball State University where she studied biology. She has worked in public
health for almost 13 years. In those 13 years she has had experience in vector control, water quality, restaurant
inspections, housing complaints, on-site wastewater treatment and everything in-between. She enjoys riding her
bicycle, kayaking and organic gardening.
Jennifer Berry, Athens, GA for the past fourteen years Jennifer has been the Research Coordinator and Lab
Manager for the University of Georgia Honey Bee Program. Her research and extension objectives have
concentrated on the sub-lethal effects of pesticides on honey bees, a queen breeding program, incorporating
IPM techniques for Varroa mite and small hive beetle control. Recently, Jennifer has undertaken an ambitious
campaign to educate the public about the importance of honey bees and how to reduce pesticide use. She is a
regular columnist for Bee Culture magazine and, occasionally, for Bee World (along with a few others across
the pond). She travels extensively to speak to local, state, national and international beekeeping associations.
After work and on weekends, Jennifer operates Honey Pond Farm, a queen and nuc business, which focuses on
rearing healthy bees while selecting for longevity, pest resistance and honey production.
Tim Caldwell, Indianapolis, IN is an IBA Director - at - Large. He keeps honeybees in Langstroth Hives and
Top Bar Hives. Tim is one of the top authorities on Top Bar Hives in Indiana. tcaldwell@cincifloor.com
Rebecca Eldridge, Orleans, IN in 2010 she was the first place winner of the Young Beekeeper Award and is
currently serving as the Indiana Honey Queen. Rebecca has been raising bees with her family for several years.
She has done many talks on raising honey bees and was the instructor for the beginning beekeeping class at the
‘Bee Intensive’ program sponsored by Bedford Beekeepers Association.
Tammy Gleber, Graduated with a BS in education at Akron University. She has worked for the Hamilton
County Health Department for 11 years inspecting restaurants and pools, taking water samples, inspecting
housing complaints and permitting wells and septic systems. She is a master gardener with a Hosta collection
and has an interest in chemical free gardening.
Jim Hoffman, Indianapolis, IN is a full time science teacher and hobbyist beekeeper. He is very
knowledgeable and a great resource for beginning beekeepers. fcsciteacher@comcast.net
Dr. Greg Hunt, West Lafayete, IN Professor, Behavioral Genetics and Honey Bee Specialist at Purdue
University. Greg run the Honey Bee Lab at Purdue University and is developing Bees that bite Varroa mite.
Anita Johnson, Indianapolis, IN is the owner of Great Fermentations and Technical Editor for “Brew Your
Own Magazine “. She helped organize the “Indiana State Fair Brewers Cup”. In 2006 Anita earned a “Beer
Judge Certification” and judges at competitions. www.greatfermentations.com
Karen Lackey, Indianapolis, IN is a certified home economist with the Indiana Farm Bureau for many years.
She provided some great recipes last year (as well as samples) and has some new ones for this year.
Dr. Joe Latshaw, New Albany, OH attended Ohio State University where he received his Master’s degree
under the Dr. Brain Smith OSU Bee Lab. While working for Sue Cobey at the Honey Bee Lab, he learned the
art of instrumental insemination. Joe designed the Latshaw Instrument that was awarded the highest honors at
Apimondia. Spring of 2008, Joe received his Doctorate from Arizona State University under Rob Page. In 2007,
Joe started his own business to enhance the Aurea and Karnica lines of honey bees and developed Latshaw’s
Bee Food. He is one of the founders of the Ohio Queen Breeders program. http://www.latshawapiaries.com
Norman Lehman, Middlebury, IN is the owner of Dutch Country Honey. Dutch Country Honey is the largest
producer of creamed honey in Indiana. He is currently a Director in the Indiana Beekeepers’ Association
Andy Lohrman, Brazil, IN If you like free bees, you share something in common with this workshop
speaker. Andy Lohrman developed a passion for bees after a neighbor introduced him to the idea of
beekeeping. Andy's experience of working construction in his dad's business while growing up has been helpful
in doing cut-out removals. He loves the challenge of getting honeybees out of difficult places and enjoys
encouraging and teaching others in how to profit from this aspect of beekeeping. Beekeeping has become
Andy's form of relaxation from his full time job as a CSI and instructor with the Indiana State Police. He is
currently a Director in the Indiana Beekeepers’ Association andy.lohrman@frontier.com
Kathleen Prough, Franklin, IN is Indiana Chief Apiary Inspector with the Indiana Department of Natural
Resources. She inspects all hives starting with beekeepers that have one hive to the commercial beekeepers with
thousands of hives. Kathleen has seen most everything that can happen to a hive. kprough@dnr.in.gov
Dave Shenefield, Lafontaine, IN is a lifelong commercial beekeeper. He produces and sells nucs as well as
raises and sells queens. He’s one of the founders of the Indiana Queen Breeders Association and a Life Member
of the Indiana Beekeepers’ Association, charter member #62. Dave is the current Indiana Beekeepers’
Association President. shenefield.david@yahoo.com
Danny Slabaugh, Nappanee, IN is the owner of Slabaugh Apiaries. He sells Nuc’s, Queens and hive
equipment and is considered an authority on overwintering nucs. Danny is the current Indiana Beekeepers’
Association Vice-President. dslabaugh@embarqmail.com