Weather Forecast Project

Weather Forecast Project
Introduction (10 points)
1. Your name: can be fictitious but appropriate.
2. Your qualifications: see your Scientific Careers sheet and be able to
describe one aspect of your job.
Today’s U.S.A. Weather: (20 points) use pages E92-93
3. Give current temperatures and reason for temperatures.
4. Give expected precipitation and reasons.
5. Show high pressure/low pressure systems and how they will affect
the country.
6. Show where we might expect windy conditions in the country.
U.S.A. Forecast for the rest of the week (20 points)
7. Expected precipitation- why are you making this prediction?
8. Expected week’s temperatures-what will cause this?
Erie Activities (10 points)
9. Erie Activities – Will weather affect any local outdoor activities?
Misc. (30 points)
10. Use of costumes/props in weather forecast.
11. Use of weather symbols, posters, pictures etc…
Extreme weather condition (10 points)
12. Describe an extreme weather condition, where it might form, how
it is created and how can it be prepared for in advance.