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Below are some basic community rules that will help all of us
get along and live together more peacefully.
1. I will not fight
2. I will not physically or verbally threaten staff or other residents.
3. I will not curse at residents or staff.
4. I will not wear hats or bandannas in the house.
5. I will not consume alcohol, drugs or cigarettes.
6. I will not have sex or commit any violent acts at the house.
7. I will not have any weapons or drug paraphernalia in the house. I understand that staff
will search my belongings if I am suspected of carrying them or have them anywhere in
my possession.
8. I will treat Domus property as well as other residents’ property with care. I will not steal
the property of other residents or staff. If I steal or break something, I will replace it.
9. I will not take/borrow or share with another resident unless I have informed staff of the
mutual agreement. Due to health reasons, there can be no sharing of clothing, towels,
toothbrushes, eating utensils or other personal items.
10. I will not wear clothing that is derogatory or offensive to others (this includes guns, acts
of violence and drug paraphernalia)
11. I must be respectful of others and most importantly respect myself.
12. I will work on having a positive attitude.
13. I will complete my daily and weekly assigned chores. I understand chores are not
complete until staff has checked them and signed off on them.
14. I will take a shower once a day at night.
15. I will not eat food in any room except the kitchen and dining room
16. I will attend school on daily basis. This includes, when it is raining, snowing, hot, sunny,
cool, or windy outside. If I do not attend school, I understand that I will not be able to
sign out that day. If I am not feeling well, I will be taken to the doctor office.
17. I will participate in a weekly Domus community activity with the other residents and
18. I will participate in a group service project once a month with Domus.
19. I will participate completely in the counseling portion of the Domus Program.
20. I will present myself to the community in a responsible and appropriate manner.
21. I will respect the rights of others to have their own property and opinions.
22. I will participate in household management. This includes chores, group meetings,
projects and activities.
23. I must follow the schedules, routines and procedures as developed by staff and residents.
24. I will not be a member of a gang, or wear any gang colors, beads, shoelaces, hat or any
other membership identification
25. I will not smoke cigarettes or any other substance on Domus property.
I have read, understood, and am aware that following these rules is a condition of being able to
live in the house. By signing this sheet, I am agreeing to live by these rules and participate in the
Domus Program.
Domus Resident Signature
Domus Staff Member Signature
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