1. When was glass invented and how was it first made? 2. Why were

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1. When was glass invented and how was it first made?
2. Why were the first windows made up of only small squares of glass?
3. Did the glaziers of the Middle Ages belong to a guild? How did the guild
system work?
4. Explain how the stained glass windows were made. What tools were used and
how were the pieces of glass held together.
5. Find out where there are some surviving examples of stained glass windows
from the Middle Ages. Note the location where these windows can be seen
and describe what pictures or objects can be seen in the windows.
6. In the spaces provided around the picture on the next page, explain who the
figures of the people represent in the Middle Ages and what the objects
symbolise or stand for. (Type: feudal system in a Google ‘image’ search to get
some ideas.)
7. (Optional) Right mouse click and ‘cut’ the image of the window and paste it into
the Microsoft paint program. Then colour some of the window with appropriate
Then when you past the picture back on to page 2, you can position it properly
if you select: Draw / text wrapping / Through. (K.O’Regan)