Translation outline

Translation Applications
Coursework outline
Course tutor: Mr. Omar Osman Jabak
Course book: Dr. Hasan Ghazala (2002, 4th edition), Translation as
Problems and Solutions, Dar Al Kalam Al-Alarabi: Aleppo, Syria.
Further reading: Mona Baker (1992), In Other Words, Routledge: London
& New York. Omar Jabak ( 2009), ABC of Translation , Sharqan
AlGhamdi; Riyadh
General Objectives
By the end of the term students should be able to:
1. identify text types
2. be able to use monolingual and bilingual dictionaries effectively
3. distinguish between literal and free translation
4. be aware of the sensitivity of the language they translate from and into
5. avoid literal translation as it may be misleading and destructive
6. be able to translate meaning adequately
Teaching strategies to be employed:
1. Lectures
2. presentations by students
Mark distribution:
Class work: 40%
Final exam: 60%
Course plan:
1. On Translation
- What is translation?
- Literal vs. free translation
- practice
Weeks 2
2. Translation: Grammatical problems
- Translation of modals
- Translation of negative, interrogative, and conditional sentences
- Practice
Week 3
- Nominal vs. verbal sentences
- Word Order
- Aspect and Tense
- Practice
Weeks 4:
- Literary Text in English
Week 5:
- Literary Text in Arabic
Week 6:
- Economic Text in English
Week 7: Midterm Test
Week 8:
Extended practice
Weeks 9:
- Scientific Text in English
Week 10:
- Scientific Text in Arabic
Week 11:
- Social Text in English
Week 12:
- Social Text in Arabic
Week 13:
- Sports Text in English
Week 14:
- Political Text in English
Week 15:
- Political Text in Arabic
Week 16:
- Agricultural Text in English
Week 17: Final Exam
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