School Board Wednesday 25 February 2009 Queen Anne 080, 1

School Board Wednesday 25 February 2009 Queen Anne 080, 1:30pm - 3:30pm
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Part A
Apologies see attached list
Minutes of the last meeting 3 December 2008
Matters arising
Items from the chair
Welcome to new staff present at the meeting
Dr Jithendran Kokkranikal from Strathclyde, specialist in Interational Tourism
Dr Yong Lin, Operations Management Specialist.
IB & E:
Dr Denise Hawkes and Riccardo De Vita, Economic Sociology
Administration staff:
Joanne Currie, Collaboration Administrator
Jacklyn Edwards, School Finance Officer
Wendy Freeman, QA Administrator
Deke Olaniyan, ICT Support Officer
Continuous Review of Programmes - item not discussed.
Restructured GRE and My Role:
(Detailed presentation slides can be found as an attachment)
Martin Davies had been with the University since September and hoped to
bring some fresh insight on how to move forward in the research and
enterprise field.
GRE were involved in the following areas:
Research and Funding support;
Regional Business support;
Business and Enterprise development;
Identifying, Developing and Exploiting IP
Their priorities were:
Providing efficient and effective support for researchers;
Making the University a natural partner for business;
Making successful connections between academic and business;
Linking research and enterprise.
A new Business Development Manger, Canmei Tao was joining the
University on 5 March 2009 to work across three Schools to provide support
for research funding. She would be located in QA 044 within the Business
M Davies
Q1 Report : Centre for Indian Business:
(Presentation slides awaited).
The University of Greenwich is the largest recruiter of students in the UK and
the centre is one of a few specialists in Indian Business in the World. Centre
headed by Mr Tim Gore, OBE. Looking for staff to assist with current
projects and also suggest new projects in connection with our partners in
Institutions in India.
Request for staff with any links with Brazil or Russia to contact Bruce Cronin.
(Presentation slides can be found as an attachment)
Staffing budget of £8M is £900K underspent and non staff budget of £1.1M is
on target. He reported that there is money available to spend efficiently but it
must be spent by the end of July 2009. Funding Initiatives were as follows:
Banner development
Teaching equipment upgrade
Funding for research conferences (strategically relevant and approved by the
Staff Development
Short Term Resourcing
Strategic Initiatives from departments for next Exec.
A remark was made about the Business School being taxed more heavily.
Robert Mayor reported that the University should have taken 20% of our
income. They have not been doing this but this will change as our income
has increased.
Research and Enterprise:
(Presentation slides can be found as an attachment)
22.6 staff submitted for the RAE, 4 publications per staff with novice
researchers only having to submit 1/2 publications. Staff were submitted
under three broad research clusters. Our results had been very good with
61.6% deemed to be of international significance and 33.7% deemed to be of
national significance. Our weakest area was research environment and more
emphasis is being put on doctoral supervision by the School.
In terms of funding, it looks as though for the first time, we will receive a
substantial amount of HEFCE money as a result of our RAE. The School
wish to create a climate where it is a good place to research and to
encourage more staff to be research active.
Volume 1, Issue 1 of the Research and Enterprise Bulletin was distributed to
staff. This will be a regular bi-monthly briefing on research and enterprise
activity within the School and will feature short articles on interesting topics.
International Activities:
(Detailed presentation slides can be found as an attachment)
The Director of International Affairs (Dr Mike Edmunds), explained the two
partnership areas the School was involved in: Franchise and Collaboration.
Partnerships in the School had been expanding since 1999 and the preferred
collaboration for the School and University was a partnership.
There are currently 1,000 students on Greenwich degrees studying wholly
overseas. They receive the same access to our materials and Web CT as
students studying on site and undertake the same examinations and
moderation processes.
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