Department Summary Template

Services for Exceptional
Department Name: Services for Exceptional Children
Department Head’s Name: Dr. Gonzalo La Cava
Title: Executive Director, Services for Exceptional Children
Focus of the Department:
Provide leadership, support and technical assistance to school-based personnel for
delivering effective instruction that promotes achievement for students with disabilities
or those suspected of having disabilities.
Our commitment is for all students to reach their full potential in academic and
extracurricular activities by:
 Collaborating with parents, teachers and the community
 Utilizing appropriate resources in order to provide a continuum of services
 Developing programs to meet the unique educational needs of every child
Summary of services/support provided to schools:
Work with schools to support research-based effective leadership and
instructional practices
Support schools to ensure continuous school improvement with accountability
for results
Professional development to teachers to implement a rigorous standards-based
curriculum (GPS and Access to GPS)
Priorities are aligned to the system’s and school’s strategic plans
Technical support for Encore, Autism, Behavioral Supports, Preschool Special
Education, Communication Disorders, Transition Services (High School),
Assistive Technology.
Technical support for compliance, development and implementation of
Individual Education Programs and Individual Services Plans.
Additional Information
Services are provided in every Fulton County School to address the needs of 9,264
students with disabilities (Dec. 1, 2009 Child Count).