Biome review sheet

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Biomes Test Review Sheet
Define the following:
BiomeDesertTundraSavannaPrairieSteppesTuftsSodHumusPermafrostSucculentsBunchgrassesVertical feeding patternLichensLeaching-
Period: __________
Choose the correct Biome for each characteristic
1. Tufts
2. Most animals are nocturnal
3. Bunchgrasses
4. Snowshoe Hares
5. Succulents
6. Rolling Hills and Plains
7. Rainy season, with periods of drought
8. Permafrost
9. Leaching occurs in soil
10. Less than 10 cm of rain
11. Gets mostly snow
12. Animals use a vertical feeding pattern
13. Has 50-70cm of rain that comes from thunderstorms
14. Soil is rich in humus.
15. Runners
Forest Biome
Choose the correct forest biome next to the matching statement:
Deciduous Forest
Coniferous Forest
1. Oak, beech and maples are examples.
2. Contains more different species than any other biome.
3. Has four different layers in a forest.
4. The name means “cone bearing”.
5. Elk, moose, and hare are example animals.
6. Is usually found around the equator.
7. Gets the least amount of rain.
8. The trees are mostly evergreen.
9. The biome we live in.
10. The trees lose their leaves every year.
Rain Forest
1. Name three desert animals and explain how they adapt to their environment.
2. Name two desert plants and explain how they adapt to their environment.
3. Why is the prairie’s soil more fertile than the steppe?
4. Name two tundra animals and explain how they adapt to their environment
5. Why is the soil of a deciduous forest more fertile than that of a coniferous forest?