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Peer Editing Checklist
Your Name: ____________
You will have the opportunity to read and offer suggestions to one of your peers on
his/her research paper. As you read, please make note of the following questions you
need to answer after you read.
Peer Name:
Topic of Paper:
___ 1. The paper has an interesting introduction that hooks the reader’s interest but is
relevant to the paper.
___ 2. You can easily pick out the thesis statement. Underline the thesis. If it’s
missing, what do you suggest as a thesis statement based on the rest of the
___ 3. The rest of the paper supports the thesis statement.
___ 4. The paper is CLEAR, CONSISTENT and CONVINCING. In other words, not
only do you understand it, but there are no contradictions and the focus is strong
(no rabbit-trails or lapses in focus). There is enough specific detail and
elaboration that it is very solid and convincing to you. (Please mark places where
it’s not clear.)
___ 5. Please mark spots where you have questions and could see where the writer could
elaborate. Write questions you have in the margins.
___ 6. The paper is balanced in terms of the information it is presenting. In other words,
you don’t feel like you are getting one side of the story or some sale job.
___ 7. The paper has internal citations throughout. It is clear to you where the
information came from. The citations are done correctly (Author’s last name
page number). Note there is NO COMMA between the author’s last name and
the page number. Also, the closing punctuation comes AFTER the final
parenthesis, not before it.
___ 8. There is a balance between quoted material (10% of the paper) and paraphrasing.
___ 9. The paper has a logical and convincing conclusion. (Or does the paper just end?)
___ 10. There are transitions from each paragraph to the next. Each sentence seems to
connect to the one before and after it so that the paper flows.
___ 11. You see evidence of the writer’s own thoughts and critical thinking in the paper.
In other words, it’s not just all the “facts” of the research but instead, the writer
has made commentary on the significance of the research. You hear the voice
of the writer.
___ 12. The paper contains both primary and secondary source material.
___ 13. The paper answers the question of “So What?” in a satisfying manner. Briefly,
summarize here in writing what you believe the “so what” answer is that is
given in the paper.
___ 14. The paper is in MLA format which includes: 1” margins, double-spaced, Times
New Roman 12 pt. font, header with person’s last name and page number, first
page includes first and last name, date, Honors Eng. II and V. Person in the top
left hand corner. It meets the minimum two page requirement.
___ 15. The writing has been well-edited and proofed. Circle errors you find. Circle
Anytime you find the first or second person pronouns (I, me, my, mine, you)
unless it’s in the conclusion.
Please write down your overall thoughts and opinions on this paper here. What have you
learned and thought as a result of reading this paper?
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