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Personal data
Birth data:
Marital status:
Halstein Björsvik
Born in Finnspång, Sweden, 08 May - 1963
Prof. Hansteensgt. 55
4021 Stavanger
NORWAY, Tel. +4751546661, +4741682487 (mob), e-mail: [email protected]
2000 - 2002
Stavanger College
One year teacher training program including pedagogy
University of Bergen, Norway
M. Sc. (Chemistry)
1987 - 89
B. Sc. (Geology)
1983 - 87
Primary School and High-School in Stavanger, Norway
1983 - 1989:
1970 - 1982:
Work experience
2003 2002 - 2003
1998 1997 - 1998
1994 - 1995
1991 - 1993
Winter 1990 / 91
Liaoning University of Petroleum Processing
Research period (weeks 39-40)
Time videregående skole
Lecturer of natural sciences and
St Olav videregående skole
Lecturer of Chemistry on the
International Bachalaureate program
Time videregående skole
Lecturer of natural sciences, chemistry
and physics in chemistry and process subjects
Stavanger Kommune
Lecturer of natural sciences
Stavanger katedralskole
Lecturer in Geography and science
Fushun Petroleum Institute
Visiting Scholar
West-Lab A/S
Senior Chemist
St. Svithun High School
Lecturer of Geography
University of Bergen.
Several short-time periods in
connection with laboratory courses
in physical chemistry
Scientific courses and conferences
 1987 - 93
NMR conferences arranged by the British Chemical Society: 1987
(Canterbury, England), 1989 (Coventry, England), 1991 (St.
Andrews, Scotland), 1993 (Swansea, Wales)
Norwegian - Swedish NMR conference, (Geiranger, Norway)
NATO-ASI course in Multinuclear NMR spectroscopy, (Maratea, Italy)
Introduction to Petroleum Geochemistry, Stavanger, Norway
Spectroscopicum Internationale 1993 (York, England)
Euroclay-95, (Louven, Belgium)
Course in Refinery processes at Mongstad Refinery, Norway
 Norwegian (mother tongue)
 English (fluent)
 German (fair)
 Mandarin (some)
Interests and hobbies
 Travel, out-door activities
 Hang-gliding
 Scuba diving
 Salmon fishing
 Literature
 NMR on Quadrupolar Nuclei, Turning the drawback into an advantage, -presented as poster
for the NMR conference in Swansea, Wales -1993
 Synthesis of Smectite Clays, published in Journal of Fushun Petroleum Institute, P.R. of China
(Fushun Shiyou Xueyuan Xuebao) 15 (3) 1995, 1-7
 Synthesis of Aromatics from short-chain aliphatic compounds: The use of Pillared Clays as
catalysts for the partial oxidation of propane in the presence of oxygen
 Monodispersed catalytically active metals on Pillared Clays: The utilization of the unique
properties of smectite clays having their excess negative charges in both the tetrahedral and the
octahedral layers
 Comparison between three different preparation methods for the preparation of aluminapillared clays. The effect of temperature on ageing-time is investigated using ageing at roomtemperature or at reflux temperature. The effect of ageing of the product slurry is also tested
 Comparison of several different catalysts for the oligomerization of -alkenes into lubrication
 Synthesis and Characterization of three different smectite clays with compositions intermediate
between hectorite and saponite (ongoing research)
 Ottar Årrestad, Time Videregående Skole, Bryne Tel. +4795269008, (Colleague)
 John Owe Thorsplass, Statoil Norway, Stavanger Tel. +4791821534 (former colleague)
 Prof. Einar Sletten, University of Bergen, Department of Chemistry, 5000 Bergen, NORWAY.
Tel. +4755583352 (research supervisor for the master degree thesis)
Current research activities
Pillared clays - development of the next generation of alumina-pillared clays
Synthesis of aromatics from short-chain aliphatic compounds by pillared clay catalysts
Monodispersed catalytically active metal ions on pillared clays
Synthesis of smectite clays with unique properties
Summary of Qualifications
 Master degree (two years) in Physical Chemistry, Bachelor degree (four years) in Geology
 Work experience both in private enterprises and in educational institutions in Norway and
 Familiar with various modern analytical techniques used in chemical research and routine
analyses. Have been working with techniques like XRD, XRF, NMR and FTIR and am also
familiar with techniques like GC/GC-MS, UV-VIS, ICP-AES/ AA and Neutron Activation etc.
 Good knowledge to chemical and geological theory and the application of this in practical
Experience with different software and software controlled systems and instrumentation
Have a good reputation as a teacher, both in chemistry and geography
Interested in chemical education and research on higher level
Extensive experience with analytical instrumentation
Experience with project oriented work
Thriving in a challenging environment
Technical insight
Master degree (cand. scient.) in chemistry –NMR Spectroscopy & Heterogenous Catalysis (and
B.Sc. (cand. mag.) in geology) from University of Bergen, Norway, in December 1989. Working
towards my Ph.D in clay science/heterogeneous catalysis. More than 10 years of work experience
from Norway and China, both from educational -and research institutions and from private
Work experience with former employers:
Liaoning University of Chemical engineering (weeks 39-40, 2005): Research period, work on
developing synthesis methods for smectite clays with special properties
 Time Vidaregåande Skole (2003 -): Lecturer in natural sciences and mathematics
 St Olav Videregående Skole (2002-2003): Lecturer in Chemistry in the International Bachalaureate
 Time Vidaregåande Skole (1998 - 2002): Lecturer in chemistry and physics
 Revheim Skole (1997 - 1998): Lecturer in natural science and mathematics
 Stavanger Katedralskole (1997): Lecturer in natural science and geography
 Fushun Petroleum Institute (1994-95): Visiting Scholar. Development of the next generation
of Pillared Clay catalysts. Initiation of a program for synthesis of smectites (swelling clays) to
be used for the synthesis of such catalysts. In addition to my research I was also teaching two
different courses: Course 1: Preparation of heterogeneous catalysts (existing course at the
institute) Course 2: Catalysis at Surfaces (new course)
 West-Lab AS (1991-94): Responsibilities in connection with the maintenance of existing -and
development of new organic (by FTIR) -and inorganic (by XRD/XRF) analyses. Also
responsible for R&D projects (see later). Experience with various types of software such as
Perkin Elmers chemometrics program QUANT+ etc. Also responsible for “trouble shooting”
 St. Svithun Videregående skole (1990-91): Lecturer in geography
 Department of Chemistry, University of Bergen (1987-89): Several short-time employment’s
in connection with laboratory courses in physical chemistry I and II.
 The title of my master degree thesis was “Synthesis and Preparation of Pillared Clays.”
Included in this work was the use of multinuclear liquid state NMR on the precursor solutions
to try to elucidate the structure of the pillars in solution.
Project experience (during employment at West-Lab AS):
 Development of core-flooding rig and testing of drilling-mud chemicals for their ability to
cause formation damage. Project performed for ***. Cost-frame: NOK 500,000 -reported
February 1993
 Pre-project -reported in January 1992 -more simple test-rig used (cost-frame: NOK 50.000).
 Determination of sulfide-binding potential of core samples, also for *** (cost-frame: NOK
70.000). This project also included development of special test equipment.
 Testing of oxygen scavenger for ***.
The projects were performed according to the customers specifications and time-frames.
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