Jim Styles - Jeremia..

Notes on Jehoiakim
4th Year of Jehoiakim very important year!
Nebuchadnezzar defeated Pharaoh at Carchemish
Nebuchadnezzar invaded Judah and Jerusalem “from the north”
He carried away captives (Dan 1:1)
Jeremiah’s prophecies were vindicated!
Jeremiah banned from the temple
Good time to write and compile Jeremiah’s prophecies so far
Baruch – son of Neriah
Neriah is son of Mahseiah (Jer 32:12)
Mahseiah is “keeper of the door” to temple
[might be same as Maaseiah governor of city 2Chr 34:8]
Jer 52:24 – Nebuzaradan took door keepers so it must have been a pretty high position
Baruch’s brother is Seraiah –
Jer 51:59 Seraiah was quartermaster – responsible to ride with king each day and
decide were to stop and spend the nite.
The Power of the Word of God
1 Thess 2:13 - Word of God is at work in you believers
Psa 119:9-11 - By guarding it according to your Word
1 Jn 2:14 - you have the Word of God abiding in you
Note: While King of Judah was cutting up God’s word, Gentile king in Babylon (Neb) was
responding to it!
2 Chron 36:5-7 Misunderstood passage! Either Jehoiakim did not stay in Babylon or
maybe did not actually go
Jer 22 reveals more about Jehoiakim
22:13-17 built house for himself using Jewish slave labor
22:17 practiced covetousness, shed innocent blood, oppressed people and violent
22:18-19 No one cared when he died! They were probably glad to be rid of him!
Burial of donkey! Cast out of city during siege!
Lessons from Jehoiakim
 Even if we have good parents, their characters may not rub off on us
 Don’t put our personal desires over the good of our family/ecclesia – we serve them,
not they serve us!
 Respect God’s word & respond to it when we read it every day
 Pick good friends and spend time with others who respect God’s word
 Poor choices we make may not only affect ourselves, but our family and ecclesia