Electromagnetic WS

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Electromagnetic Spectrum
Part I: Label the diagram below of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Part II. Complete the following statement using the diagram above.
1. The electromagnetic spectrum is made of ____________________ waves.
2. The only waves you can see are ________________________________.
3. Waves with longer wavelengths than visible light are _________________,
_____________________, ___________________and _________________
4. Waves with higher frequencies than visible light are ________________,
____________________________, and ____________________________ .
5. Although waves in the electromagnetic spectrum have different frequencies and
wavelengths, they all travel at the same _________________________.
6. Identify the type of wave in the electromagnetic spectrum used for:
a. cooking food______________________
b. broadcasting radio and TV______________________
c. taking pictures of the interior of the body_________________
d. killing cancer cells ________________________
e. keeping food warm __________________________
f. Sunburns __________________________________
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Visible spectrum
Part I: Using color pencils shade in each color of the visible spectrum.
Part II: Complete the following statements using the diagram above.
1. A triangular piece of glass that can be used to divide white light into its separate
colors is called a ___________________________ .
2. The visible spectrum is produced as white light passes through a prism and
appears to __________________ .
3. Each frequency of light appears to bent a different ____________ as it enters
and leaves a prism.
4. Violet light is bent ________________(more or less) than red light.
5. The colors in the visible spectrum starting with the lowest frequency are
6. The first letter of each color in the visible spectrum spells the name
______________________________________________________________ .
7. Identify the color of the visible spectrum that has the :
a. highest frequency_________________
b. lowest frequency _________________
c. longest wavelength _______________
d. shortest wavelength ______________
8. Identify the color in the visible spectrum that bends the:
a. greatest amount through the prism ___________________.
b. least amount through the prism _____________________ .