Effect of the interparticle repulsive interactions on the kinetics of

Bacterial Growth in Droplets : Phenotypic Diversity and
Antibiotic inhibition
J. Bibette
Laboratoire Colloides et Matériaux divisés, ESPCI Paris Tech
10 Rue Vauquelin 75005 Paris
Email: [email protected]
We have developed new approaches based on water-in-oil droplet manipulation, to
explore large libraries of confined microorganisms. We are able to follow the
growth of each individual culture (several thousands in parallel) over many hours;
each culture is encapsulated in a water droplet and can grow from one individual up
to 105. From these data we can explore the diversity of biomass production, and
genes duplication, within monoclonal populations. We particularly explore how this
diversity arises when a given selective pressure is applied, and to what extend this
diversity follows a deterministic pathway.