Extreme Encounters: How It Feels to Be Drowned in

Quirk Sales Tipsheet
Skywriting Journal
Reading Line TK (Like Walls Notebook—but with clouds!)
Fall 2010
Book Information
Price: $16.95
Carton Qty.: 22
Publication Month: November
ISBN: 978-1-59474-491-4
Category: Journal
Trim Size: 6 7/8 x 8 1/2
Format: PB, 4c interior, flexibind
Page Count: 160
Rights: (Chronicle): World English
(Quirk): World excl. English
Age: Adult
Print Run: TK
Ship Date: 9/1510
Illustrations: Nope
Photos: 60+ 4c
Editor: McG
Marketing Mgr: TK
Publicist: MM
Production: JM
Design 1: DH/JK
Text: Minimal
Index: No
Selling With: sell sheet, blad
Sales Material Due: 4/23/10
No Copies:
Warehouse Date: 9/8/10
Paper Cutoff: 5/7/10
Book Description
The Skywriting Journal is a handy 160-page notebook full of fluffy white clouds, desert sunsets, lightening storms,
and early morning sunbeams! It turns the sky into a canvas for notes, musings, doodles, and drawings.
The sky’s the limit!
Key Selling Points
 With a durable flexibind cover, this trusty notebook can be carried anywhere.
 Design and format appeal both as a gift and a self-purchase.
 Perfect gift for anyone with their head in the clouds!
 Artists, writers, diarists, and dreamers
 Anyone who’s ever looked for shapes in the clouds
Marketing Plans
 Trade:
o Ideal for gift and holiday table promotion
Quirk Sales Tipsheet
o Build Amazon and BN.com presence using reviews, press, and author involvement
o Target indies with sell sheet
o Target indies with stationery sell sheet
o Ideal for Urban Outfitters and other lifestyle stores
o Ideal for stationery stores and beach/travel destinations
Export: Same as Trade & Specialty
Direct: Sell on Irreference.com
Retail Sales Tools: Catalog, Blad, Stationery sell sheet
Publicity Plans
 Media:
o Target: General interest, DIY, travel, design, and craft publications
o Print: National magazines and local newspapers
o Broadcast: Radio giveaways
o Online: Design, DIY, craft and general interest lifestyle bloggers
 Online/Social Media:
o Newsletter: Featured prominently in November eNewsletter
o Websites & Facebook: Feature bonus content on Irreference.com, then post to Quirk Books
Facebook page around pub date
o Twitter & Flickr: post images and downloadables to Flickr
 Author Involvement:
o Build out Amazon Author Central page
TK is an expert nature photographer, . . . description TK.
One Sketch a Day: A Visual Journal, ISBN 9780811875349 (Chronicle, March 2010), HC, 192 pp., $15.95. Lots of
fun—but no sunny skies, sunsets, or fluffy clouds to write, doodle, and draw on!
Comparable Titles
Walls Notebook, by Sherwood Forlee, ISBN 978-1-59474-324-5 (Quirk, 2009), PB, 60 pp., $16.95. [Bookscan: 2,069
since 4/09]
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Quirk Sales Tipsheet