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Structural Genomics
Rey-Ting Guo1(郭瑞庭), Chih-Jung Kuo2(郭致榮), Tzu-Ping Ko2(柯子平),
Chia-Cheng Chou2(周家丞), Po-Huang Liang1,2*(梁博煌) and Andrew H.-J.
Crystal Structure of Octaprenyl Pyrophosphate Synthase from
Hyperthermophilic Thermotoga maritima and Mechanism of Product
Chain Length Determination
Iren Wang1, 2, Yuan-Chao Lou3, Wen-Chang Chang1, Shih-Hsiung Wu1, 2,
Chinpan Chen3
Structural study of porcine β-Microseminoprotein
Ti-Chun Chao1* , Jia-Yin Tsai1, Po- Kai Lyu1,Chih-Tson Fong1,Chung-Yu Huang2,
Hai-Mei Huang2, Yuh-Ju Sun1
Crystal Structure Study of Inorganic Pyrophosphatase from Helicobacter
Shiang-Yi Chien1*, Po-Kai Lyu1, Jia-Yin Tsai1, Chih-Tson Fong1, Meng-Juan
Lee2, Hai-Mei Huang2 and Yuh-Ju Sun1
Crystal Structure of Spermidine Synthase from Helicobacter pylori
Jia-Yin Tsai1*, Yuh-Ju Sun1, Ching-Ju Tsai1, Jyung-Hurng Liu2, Chao-Tsen
Chen3, Charng-Sheng Tsai3, Liang-Yan Chen1, Pei-Tsung Cheng1, and You-Di
A Novel d(ApCpGpA)-Binding of a Bullfrog Ribonuclease Suggests the Sialic
Acid Binding
Yu-Chih Lo1, Su-Chang Lin2, Jei-Fu Shaw3 and Yen-Chywan Liaw1
Studies of the Crystal Structures and the Substrate Specificities of
Escherichia coli Thioesterase I/Protease I /Lysophospholipase L1
Kuo-Chiang Hsia1, Kin-Fu Chak2, Po-Huang Liang3, Yi-Sheng Cheng1, Wen-Yen
Ku1, and Hanna S. Yuan1
DNA Binding and Degradation by the HNH Protein ColE7
Ching-Yu Chou2*,1Sergiy I. Tyuhktenko1 and Tai-Huang Huang1,2
Backbone Dynamics and Thermodynamics of Free Escherichia coli
Theosterase / Protease I and in Michaelis complex with
Di-Ethyl-p-Nitrophenyl Phosphate
Su-Chang Lin*, Yu-Chih Lo , Jung-Yiaw Lin and Yen-Chywan Liaw
Structures and Electron Micrographs of Volvatoxin A2 Reveal pH-dependent
Protein Assembly and Implications for Membrane Pore Formation
Wei-Ting Liu*, Wei-I Chou, Shu-Chuan Lin and Margaret Dah-Tsyr Chang#
The O-Glycosylated Linker Region Of Glucoamylase Affects Structure And
Function Of The Starch-Binding Domain
Yin H. Chen(陳音璇) 1, Yuh J. Hu(胡毓志)* 1 and Ming J. Hwang(黃明經)* 2
PRODEC : PROtein structural patterns Detector using Evolutionary
Tse-Hao Huang* and Shwu-Huey Liaw
Structural determination of the Mite Group 7 Allergen from
Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus
Cheng-Tsung Lai1* and Shwu-Huey Liaw2
Structural Analysis of the Cytidine Deaminase Superfamily: Conservation,
Divergence, and Prediction
Yu-Jui Chang1* and Shwu-Huey Liaw2
Crystal Structure of Bacillus subtilis Guanine Deaminase
Yun-Lin Wang* and Shwu-Huey Liaw
Crystal Structure of Hepatitis C Virus NS3 Helicase
I-Che Huang1,2,3, Yuan-Chau Lou2, Iren Wang3, Shin-Hsiung Wu1,3, Chinpan
Solution structure of Tc32, an inhibitor of K+ channel from venom of
Brazilian scorpion, Tityus cambridgei
Chui-Lin Chiu, Ming-Tao Pai, C. C. Huang, Ya-Ping Tsao, Jya-Wei Cheng*
Solution structure of the hypothetical protein HP0495 from
Helicobacter pylori
Andrew H. Sheng-Wei Lin,1 Jen-Ru Li,1 Tsui-Min Yuan,1 Chun-Hung Lin1,2*
C-Terminal Truncation of Helicobacter pylori Fucosyltransferase The
Region of Tandem Repeats Associated with Structure and Catalysision
Ko-Hsin Chin, Yu-Chen Hu, Jhe-Le Tu, Fu-Yang Lin, Shan-Ho Chou1,2
NMR Structure of a Conserved Hypothetical Protein Xcc 975 from
Xanthomonas Campestris pv. Campestris
Shih-Che Sue1*, Wei-Tin Li1, Yu-Chieh Lin1, Shao-Chen Lee2, Wen-guey Wu2,
Jeou-Yuan Chen1and Tai-huang Huang1
Structural and functional relationship of HATH domain of Human
Hepatoma-derived Growth Factor
Ming-Hon Hou1,2 and Andrew H.-J. Wang
Mithramycin forms a stable dimeric complex by chelating with Iron(II):
DNA-binding characteristic, subcellular distribution and biological
activity of this dimer complex
Ko-Hsin Chin1, Jhe-Le, Tu1, Yu-Chen Hu2, Chao-Yu Yang1, Chiao-Li Chu1,
Fu-Yang Lin2, Yen-Yu Wu2, Kun-Chou Wei1, Yi-Ting Huang1, Wei-Ting Kuo1,
Ji-Wei Lo1, Ping-Chiang Lyu3, Shih-Feng Tsai4, Shan-Ho Chou1,2
Structural Genomics of Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris using
High-Resolution NMR Techniques
Hong-Hsiang Guan1,2*, Shao-Chen Lee 2,Chia-Hui Wang 2,Wei-Ning Huang 2 ,
Wen-Guey Wu 2 , Chung-Jung Chen
Crystal Structure of CTX A3 and Hexasaccharide Heparin Complex from
Naja Atra
Yin-Cheng Hsieh,1,2* Ming-Yih Liu,4 and JeanLeGall4,Chun-Jung Chen1, 3
Anaerobic and Aerobic Structures of Ferredoxin ll from Desulfovibrio Gigas
Reveal Electron Transfer Mechanism
Ming-Hui Lee*1,2, Chih-Hsiang Leng2, Yuan-Chih Chang3, Yi-Kai Chen1,
Chia-Seng Chang3, Fu-Fei Hsu2, Andrew H.-J. Wang1,2and Ting-Fang Wang1,2
Self-assembly of archaeal RadA proteins into long and fine helical filaments
Yuan-Chih Chang2, Yu-Hui Lo1*, Chih-Hsiang Leng1,3, Ming-Hui Lee1, Douglas
K. Bishop4, Chia-Seng Chang2, and Ting-Fang Wng1
Molecular Visualization of Yeast Dmc1-ssDNA complexes by Atomic Force
Mcroscopy Using Carbon Nanotube Tips
Yu-Ling Wang1,2*, King-Xiang Goh 2, Wen-Guey Wu 2 and Chung-Jung Chen 1
Purification, Crystallization and preliminary X-ray crystallographic analysis of
Cystein-rich Secretory Protein(CRISP) from Naja atra
Protein Networks
Chai-Chi Ho1, Chun-Cheng Lin2, and Rita P.-Y. Chen1
Institute of Biological Chemistry, Academia Sinica2 Institute of Chemistry,
Academia Sinica
Effects Of Glycosylation And Phosphorylation On The Conformational Energy
Of The Prion Peptide And The Formation Of Amyloid Fibril
Jya-Wei Cheng, Kuen-Phon Wu, Chih-Wei Wu, Ya-Ping Tsao, Ting-Wei Kuo,
Yuan-Chao Lou, Cheng-Wen Lin, and Suh-Chin Wu
Structural basis of a flavivirus recognized by its neutralizing antibody:
solution structure of the domain III of the Japanese encephalitis virus
envelope protein.
Chih-Wei Wu*¶, Ya-Ping Tsao¶, Kuen-Phon Wu¶, Suh-Chin Wu and
Jya-Wei Cheng#
Structural Basis of a Flavivirus Recognized by Its Neutralizing Antibody:
Solution Structure of the Domain III of the Japanese Encephalitis
VirusEnvelope Protein
Chia-Ming Chang, Chia-Ling Chen, Chung-Yen Lin, Chi-Shiang Cho, Li-Ming
Wang, Pao-Yang Chen, Chen-Zen Lo and, Chao A. Hsiung
Deciphering the Protein Network of Caenorhabditis elegans in the Approach
of Systems Biology
III. Nucleic Acid And Protein Interaction
Tzu-Ping Ko*,1, Martin K. Safo2, Faik N. Musayev2, Howard Robinson3, Qixun
Zhao2, Neel Scarsdale2, Andrew H.-J. Wang1, and Gordon L. Archer2
Crystal Structures of the BlaI Repressor from Staphylococcus aureus and Its
Complex with DNA: Insights into Regulation Mechanisms of the bla and mec
Min-Tasir Wey and Lou-Sing Kan
Study of DNA triplex formation with two non-pyrimidine-purine-pyrimidine
base triads in a Sept-decamer 5’-TTCTTCTGATTCTCTCC in Aqueous Solution
Chia-Lung Li (李家隆)1,2, Lien-I Hor (何漣漪)3, Zee-Fen Chang (張智芬)2,
Li-Chu Tsai (蔡麗珠)1, Wei-Zen Yang (楊維仁)1 and Hanna S. Yuan (袁小琀)1,2
DNA Binding and Cleavage by the Periplasmic Endonuclease Vvn from Vibrio
vulnificus: A Novel Structure with a Known Active Site
Yi-Kai Chen1,2*, Chih-Hsiang Leng1, Heidi Olivares4, Ming-Hui Lee1, Yuan-Chih
Chang3, Wen-Mei Kung1, Shih-Chieh Ti1, Yu-Hui Lo1, Andrew H.-J. Wang1,
Chia-Seng Chang3, Douglas K. Bishop4, Yi-Ping Hsueh2, and Ting-Fang
Heterodimeric Complexes of Hop2 and Mnd1 Function with Dmc1 to
Promote Meiotic Homologous Juxtaposition and Strand-Assimilation
Sergiy I. Tyukhtenko1*, Ching-Yu Chou1, Jei-Fu Shaw2 and Tai-huang Huang1
NMR Evidence for Enzyme-Induced Strain in the Michaelis Complex of Serine
Protease from SGNH-hydrolase Family with Paraoxon: Mechanism of Initial
Noncovalent Binding.
Annie P. C. Chen1*, Sing-Yang Chang2, Chih-Jung Kuo2, Yang-Sheng Sun2,
Shih-Chun Li1 , Yu-Chung Lin3, Chao-Tsen Chen3 , Andrew H.-J. Wang2,
and Po-Huang Liang1,2
Substrate and Product Specificities of Cis-type Undecaprenyl Pyrophosphate
Synthase and Identification of General Base and Acid and the Role of the
Metal Ion during its Reaction
IV. Drug Discovery In Biophysics
Chih-Jung Kuo §, Ping-Fang Huang §, John T.A. Hsu ‡, Wen-Bin Yang †,
Ming-Feng Hsu §, Tsung-Yi Wu †, Chun-Hung Lin §, Chun-Cheng Lin #,
Jim-Min Fang *, Chi-Huey Wong †, Andrew H.-J. Wang §, and
Po-Huang Liang §
Characterization of SARS Main Protease and Facile Assay for Inhibitors by
Using a Fluorogenic Substrate
Y. Sun1, C. Y. Hsiao2, W. Lo1 , S. J. Lin3, S. H. Jee3, C.Y. Dong1
Multiphoton Polarization and Generalized Polarization (GP) Microscopy
Reveals Oleic Acid Induced Structural Changes in Intercellular Lipid Layers
of the Skin
Nano Biophysics
Ya-Wen Feng#, Chiu-Ming Wang#, Shyue-Chu Ke╪ and Hsiu-An Chu#
Ammonia-induced Structural Changes of the Oxygen-Evolving Complex in
Photosystem II as Revealed by Light-Induced FTIR Difference Spectroscopy
Cheng-Hao Fang#,‡, Keejong Chang‡ and Hsiu-An Chu#
Fluoride substitution in the Mn cluster from photosystem II: FTIR studies
Wen Lo 1*, Tso Chien-Hsin 1, Pei-Yu Huang2, Chan-Long Chen2, Chia-Chun
Chen2, Sun-Jan Lin3, Shiou-Hwa Jee3, Chen-Yuan Dong 1
Monitoring Transdermal delivery of quantum dots using multiphoton
fluorescence microscopy
VI. Imaging & Biosensors
Yao-Chang Lee* and Ching-Iue Chen
Applications of synchrotron infrared microspectrometry in biological tissue
and forensic science
J. T. Sheu1, 3*, K. S. You2, C. C. Chen1, S. C. Lin3 and K. S. Liang3
Characteristics of silicon nanowire devices in biological molecules detection
Mau-Tsu Tang*, Cheng-Hao Ko, Yen-Fang Song, Te-Hui Lee, Gung-Chian Yin,
Ying-Huang Lai, King-Long Tsang and Keng S. Liang
Transmission X-ray Microscopy at NSRRC
Liu Yuan1*, Peter T. Fwu1*, Hsuan-Shu Lee2, and Chen-Yuan Dong1
Optical Biopsy of Normal, Fibrotic, and Tumor Liver Tissues Using
Multiphoton Microscopy
S.W. Teng1, C. Y. Hsiao2, S.J. Lin3, H.Y. Tan4, C.Y. Dong1
Monitoring the Thermally Induced Collagen Structural Transitions Using
Second Harmonic Generation Microscopy
VII. Computational Biophysics
Nancy Yu*, Yi-Sheng Cheng
Codon Usage Enhancer (CUE): A JAVA-based Freeware for Manipulating
Codon Usage
VIII. Others
Xu-Cheng Yeh1,2 , Hui-Ting Lee1, Po-Yen Lin1,2, and Lou-Sing Kan2* ,
Chia-Ching Chang1*
Refolding of Lysozyme by Quasi-static and Direct Dilution Reaction Paths:
A First-Order-Like State Transition
Po-Yen Lin1,2 , Xu-Cheng Yeh1,2, and Lou-Sing Kan2,Chia-Ching Chang1*
How fast is protein stable from unfolded to folded state?
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