Problems found with Build080716:

Problems found with Build080716:
For Chinese and Japanese only
1. The web banner on each of the MIDM pages becomes unreadable.
2. The mouse text over becomes unreadable.
3. Print Report button shows ‘??’
4. Shows blank dashboard page.
5. Some of the button images got messed up.
For other languages also:
1. Some of the button names are not translated properly.
2. It is missing the Search button on all the report pages.
3. Incomplete dashboard or incomplete button names.
4. Invalid login returns to English logon page if click on try again.
Five languages are available:
Choose Chinese and logon. Mouse over text on every page becomes unreadable:
The Print Report button on all the searched result is not readable and the first, prev, next,
and last are not translated.
It is missing the Search button on each of the report tab pages under Reports.
Shows invalid Clear button on the Source Record search window.
It says ‘High Class Search’ instead of ‘Advanced Search’ and ‘step back’ instead of
returning to the previous page.
The mouse over text is again unreadable, the translation of Deactivate is improper, the
position of Deactivate button is not lined up with Edit EUID it also contains two boxes
image, and the translation of View Sources is incomplete.
Print button is not translated:
Shows blank dashboard, and the Sign Out is translated as Cancel:
Sing out, the web banner becomes unreadable and the language lists three of them in
Chinese and two in English – Japanese and Chinese. The userid and password are in
Chinese simplified but language list is in Chinese classic.
Also if select a language and sign in failed with invalid userid or password, it shows the
Login Error. After clicking on try again it does not return to the same login page with the
selected language, instead it returns to the login page in English. This happens to all the
other languages.
Deutsch – the banner name and the mouse over text are readable.
The following circled buttons are incomplete, and the View History and View Sources
are not translated:
Advanced Search is not translated:
The Deutsch dash board is missing Summary:
Same with French, some buttons are not translated, and the Potential Duplicate is
translated as “Double Potentiel”.
It does show dash board page in French.
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