Enhancing the Environment

Enhancing the environment
We will improve our natural and urban environment in a sustainable way.
Living sustainably
We will promote sustainability through sound environmental practice.
Community outcome
A sustainable future for our community.
Parks, gardens and natural environment
We will manage our parks, gardens and sportsgrounds to ensure sustainable practices.
Community outcome
High quality natural environments, parks and gardens for our current and future communities.
Our performance
City of Boroondara Annual Report 2012-13
National Sustainable Cities Award
The City of Boroondara was awarded the
coveted Dame Phyllis Frost Litter Prevention
award at the Keep Australia Beautiful national
Sustainable Cities Awards in November 2012.
The award recognises Council's work with the
community in all aspects of the strategic
development of the natural and built
environments. Council's litter prevention
initiatives including the number of bins
installed in public parks, unlimited supplies of
recycling bins to local sporting clubs and a
'recycle right, feel good' campaign to
encourage responsible waste disposal at
sporting matches, impressed the Keep
Australia Beautiful judges.
Urban Biodiversity Strategy 2013-23
Council adopted the Urban Biodiversity
Strategy 2013-23 in June 2013. The strategy
sets the strategic direction for protection and
enhancement of biodiversity within
Boroondara over the next 10 years. The
adoption of the strategy sets guiding principles
and four broad objectives with associated
strategies for implementation over the coming
Minifie Park Childcare Centre green roof
The Minifie Park Childcare Centre, featuring a
green roof, opened in July 2012. The $3.5
million project featuring 450 square metres of
vegetation growing on its roof top is one of the
larger urban green roofs in Australia. The
green roof is filled with a combination of native
plants, creating an improved habitat for
resident insects, butterflies and birds. The
centre showcases eco-friendly design and is
built a little lower than street level so there is a
view of the living roof from the street creating a
connected visual experience between the
building and the park.
Gold Waste Wise certification
Boroondara achieved Gold Waste Wise
certification from the Metropolitan Waste
Management Group. The award recognises
Council's achievements to date and
continuous improvement in sustainability
practices around waste minimisation and
resource efficiency. Council was commended
on a number of achievements including the
reduction of total office waste by 68 per cent,
achieving a paper and cardboard recycling
rate of over 80 per cent and reducing office
paper usage by 27 per cent.
Our performance
City of Boroondara Annual Report 2012-13
Booked Hard Waste Collection trial
In October 2012, Council introduced a new
hard waste collection system to assist the
disposal of hard waste. The nine-month at-call
hard waste trial featured improved sorting that
is expected to reduce the amount of hard
waste going landfill, limit the occurrence of
illegal dumping and scavenging, as well as
reduce the amount of rubbish on nature strips
at any one time. Over 16,000 residents have
made use of the new booked hard waste
collection system to date.
New greenwaste calendar
A new 2013-14 Green Waste Calendar was
developed to provide key information to
residents in a clear format. The new calendar
is a single sheet, two-sided page with a
targeted waste and recycling message on the
front and an A-Z guide on the reverse. The
calendar was sent to all residents and outlines
the best way to dispose of waste and facilitate
Keep Australia Beautiful award winners
Boroondara won the overall 2012 Sustainable
City of the Year award in the Keep Australia
Beautiful Victoria Annual Awards. The
Australian Sustainable Cities Awards
encourage, motivate and celebrate the local
sustainability achievements of urban
communities across Australia, recognising the
many different ways that metropolitan
communities have taken action to protect and
enhance their environment. Boroondara was
awarded for incorporating sustainability in its
practices and fostering awareness in the wider
In addition to winning the overarching Victorian
Sustainable City award, Boroondara was a
finalist in eight categories and took out the
Sustainable Cities – Community Government
Partnerships Award for the Kew Court House
Renovation Project.
Cogeneration technology
As part of Council's commitment to a low
carbon future, the feasibility of new technology
has been investigated, such as cogeneration
to reduce our emissions. Challenges with
implementation of the cogeneration technology
include equipment suitability and suitable
ownership models. A toolkit has been
developed to assist the assessment of
feasibility of cogeneration projects in leisure
and aquatic centres.
Looking ahead
Manage the impact of increasing
challenges posed by climate change,
population growth and competitive usage
and demands on our parks.
Implementation of the Hard Waste
Collection Program.
Manage the impacts of government and
policy changes which may affect our
commitment to environmental initiatives,
climate change adaptation, carbon
reduction and the availability of grant
Implementation of Biodiversity Asset
Management Plan.
Manage the balance between active and
passive recreation for the community.
Develop and implement an improved
Street Tree Management Plan that
responds to Electrical Line Clearance
Regulations 2010.
Develop strategies and plans including the
Open Space Strategy, Balwyn Park
Concept Masterplan and Integrated Water
Management Strategy.
Our performance
City of Boroondara Annual Report 2012-13
Boroondara Sustainability Awards for
In an effort to spread the sustainability
message to local children and their families,
this year's annual Boroondara Sustainability
Awards focused on work being done by
school communities. The awards attracted 21
entries from 11 schools and highlighted how
each school was demonstrating
environmentally responsible curriculums,
everyday actions and special initiatives at
Winners of the 2012 Boroondara
Sustainability Awards were announced on 24
April 2013. Solway Primary School won the
Sustainable School of the Year award for their
long-term commitment to biodiversity, waste
management, green team programs and
community leadership. In addition, Bialik
College, Chatham Primary School and
Canterbury Girls' Secondary School were
presented with gold awards in varying
At a glance
Operating expenditure
$27.26 million
Equivalent full time
Core activities
Interesting facts
Our performance
City of Boroondara Annual Report 2012-13
Help the Boroondara community to live more sustainably in
response to emerging environmental challenges such as
climate change, water shortage and biodiversity conservation
Promote sustainability within built and natural environments in
Develop and implement policies and strategies that set direction
in environmental management, public space improvements,
conservation of natural resources and sustainable development
Undertake landscape and urban design to promote the use,
function, and enjoyment of public spaces by the community
Build the capacity of Council to integrate environmental and
sustainability issues into our buildings and public space
improvements, daily operations and decision-making processes
Manage and maintain parks, bushland and indigenous
revegetation sites, sportsgrounds and garden beds in traffic
control devices, car parks and Council properties
Provide arboricultural management and maintenance services
for street and park trees, including programmed cyclic tree
pruning and tree planting
Operate the Boroondara Recycling and Waste Centre
Manage waste services including kerbside bin based waste,
green & recycling collections and hard waste collection service
Manage and maintain assets including playgrounds, barbeques,
drinking fountains, park furniture, bins, fences and signage
19,033 tonnes of green waste, 22,048 tonnes of household
recyclables and 36,176 tonnes of household waste collected
7.87 million bins collected
1,147 new trees planted
26 formal gardens maintained
48 environmental sites maintained
76 households participated in the Backyard Biodiversity Project
369 participants in Living for our Future workshops
1,119 tree applications decided
335 species of indigenous flowering plant and ferns recorded in
Boroondara residents use an average of 200 litres of drinking
water per person per day, and around 25% of households have
a rainwater tank
Over 700 Boroondara households installed solar Photovoltaics
Panels during 2012, with an average system size of 3 kW
Graphical information
Note: There have been a number of necessary actions undertaken
following the drought, including additional irrigation to re-establish and
repair landscapes damaged during the drought, and conversion to
warm season grasses which require additional irrigation to become
Note: The figure is slightly lower than previous year due to the building
works at the transfer station restricting the available space and the ability to
divert waste from landfill.
Our performance
City of Boroondara Annual Report 2012-13
Note: The 2011-12 and 2012-13 results are due to improved
communications with complainants including discussion of options
that can be considered prior to a formal approach to Council.
Our performance
City of Boroondara Annual Report 2012-13
Status of Council Plan June 2012 commitments
CEO's office
City Planning
and Engagement
7.0 Living sustainably
7.1 In order to better protect and enhance local diversity, develop a
new Urban Biodiversity Strategy for adoption and progressive
7.2 In considering general community feedback and results from the
2011 recycling and waste community survey, explore a range of
options for the delivery of hard waste collection services.
7.3 Continue implementing the Our Low Carbon Future Strategy by
working with CitiPower to undertake the public street lighting 'bulk
change over' of inefficient Mercury Vapour lamps to energy
efficient T5 lamps.
8.0 Parks, gardens and natural environment
8.1 Support community expectations of each of our parks and gardens
services by developing service charters including documented
maintenance standards for open space services and assets.
8.2 Continue to offer high quality park and recreational facilities and
opportunities for users and visitors, by providing additional seats,
tables and drinking fountains across the open space network.
Our performance
City of Boroondara Annual Report 2012-13
Results for Council Plan June 2012 Strategic Indicators
Performance measure
Council mains and carted
recycled water
Less than
Less than
Tonnes of CO2 equivalent
(tCO2e) emissions from
energy used in all Council
owned and operated
buildings, street lighting,
Council fleet, taxi and air
Less than
Less than
Note: This figure is reported
with one year lag.
Waste diversion from
landfill, calculated as the
proportion of the overall
kerbside waste stream that
is recycled (includes paper,
bottles and green waste)
instead of being disposed to
gardens and
Monthly audit scores of 18
parks measuring the
quality, appearance and
maintenance performance
of public open space areas.
Our performance
City of Boroondara Annual Report 2012-13
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