Building a Brighter Future for Public Libraries
Strategy 2.1
Action 2.1.1; 2.1.6; 2.1.8
Strategy #
Action #
Connected and resilient communities (including indigenous
Develop a strategic approach to delivery of library services to
indigenous communities
2.1.1; 2.1.6; 2.1.8
 Identify the needs for library services for the indigenous community
 Utilise appropriate protocols for dealing with indigenous
 Pursue alternative opportunities for funding programs and outreach
for indigenous communities
Identify key stakeholders and reference groups
Set up group of relevant stakeholders
Investigate how other agencies identify the needs at the local level
(including Smith Family, Education Dept., Health Dept. etc)
Develop needs analysis
Identify ongoing mechanism/s to assess needs
Develop guidelines to assist libraries to develop relationships and
consult with indigenous residents to identify needs at the local level
Identify appropriate protocols or develop protocols in consultation
with relevant stakeholders
Document protocols and ensure utilised in consultation
Monitor compliance with protocols
Liaise with key stakeholders
Investigate options
Advocate / make submission for alternative funding
Evaluate and report progress
Responsibility SLPASC; State Library and local government representatives; Other
identified stakeholders
Needs identified; Protocols identified and utilised; Funding sources
2011 - 2012
Links to other
Building a Brighter Future for Public Libraries – Implementation
November 2010
The Structural Reform of Public Library Services in Western Australia report noted that
the “lack of a strategic focus for the delivery of services and programs for indigenous
communities is a critical concern”.
This project combines three separate actions identified in the implementation plan, as
shown in the above table. A large number of tasks have been identified to enable
successful achievement of the actions.
The State Library has already undertaken work in this area through development of a
Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), work on Closing the Gap and through the Better
Beginnings family literacy program.
The first step in the project will be to meet with key parties undertaking work falling within
the scope of this project to help determine what may already have been achieved and to
determine areas requiring further focus. The intent is to leverage from existing activities
or projects.
A Cultural Wealth guide for dealing with indigenous communities has recently been
produced by Rural Health West and will be reviewed as part of this project, as will other
relevant documents.
Next steps
It is recommended that the Project Manager establishes a project team to review the
work undertaken by the State Library, public libraries and other organisations with a view
to re-scoping the project tasks while still meeting the project strategy. A great amount of
work has been done in this area and it would be best to utilise this rather than
“reinventing the wheel”.
Building a Brighter Future for Public Libraries – Implementation
November 2010
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