WH2.4 Introduction – Reasons for Exploration

Reasons for Exploration
What are some reasons people move?
How much of the world do you think
Europeans knew about in the 1500s?
What are some things that made travelling
difficult at this time?
Expanding economies of European states
◦ Stimulated increased trade with markets in Asia
European nations on the Atlantic wanted to
maritime routes for trade
3 G’s: Gold, God & Glory
◦ Demand for gold, spices, natural resources in Europe
◦ Support for the diffusion of Christianity
◦ Political & economic competition between European
empires (want to be biggest & best)
Innovations in navigational arts
◦ European & Islamic origins
◦ Ex. Compass, map-making
Pioneering role of Prince Henry the Navigator
◦ Never explored himself
◦ Set up schools for &
sponsored navigation
Diffusion = spread of ideas
Migration of colonists to new lands
◦ Colony – settlement of people outside their
homeland; linked with parent country by trade &
government control
Influence of Catholics & Protestants
◦ Carried their faith, language & culture to new lands
Conversion of indigenous peoples
◦ Indigenous – native population
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