WH2.4 Introduction – Reasons for Exploration


Reasons for Exploration

 What are some reasons people move?

 How much of the world do you think Europeans knew about in the 1500s?

 What are some things that made travelling difficult at this time?

 ◦ Expanding economies of European states Stimulated increased trade with markets in Asia  European nations on the Atlantic wanted to


routes for trade

 3 G’s: Gold , God & Glory ◦ Gold Demand for gold, spices, natural resources in Europe  ◦ God Support for the diffusion of Christianity  ◦ Glory Political & economic competition between European empires (want to be biggest & best)

 ◦ ◦ Innovations in navigational arts European & Islamic origins Ex. Compass, map-making  ◦ ◦ Pioneering role of Prince Henry the Navigator Never explored himself Set up schools for & sponsored navigation


= spread of ideas  ◦ Migration of colonists to new lands Colony – settlement of people outside their homeland; linked with parent country by trade & government control  ◦ Influence of Catholics & Protestants Carried their faith, language & culture to new lands  ◦ Conversion of indigenous peoples Indigenous – native population