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June, 2004
This form will be used to help librarians help your patrons use your resources. Please use
a webpage address (URL) as an answer to any of these questions if appropriate. If
you have questions or comments, please contact Phil Blank at [email protected] or
(919) 942-8995.
After you are done, Please save as [youlibrary]prof.doc, (for example 'uncgprof.doc')
and send to [email protected] (please copy to [email protected]). We will
construct your profile and let you know when we plan to add your library. Thank you.
Why do we ask for authentication information like library card number and course
reserves information?
If you want other NCknows librarians to be able to access your proprietary materials
when helping someone from your institution, please list the information necessary for us
to do this. If not, you do not have to list this information but please tell us how a patron of
your institution can get more information about this.
Home Page :
Web Catalog :
Library Contact Name:
Library Contact Email/Phone:
Reference Email Contact (where you
want referral questions to be sent):
Library Card Number:
Databases and method of authentication:
Research Guides:
Phone number of Reference, Circulation, Access services and Public Services (if
Location /Physical Peculiarities:
Library Cards:
Loan Periods:
Loan Limits:
Renewals Policy:
Holds Policy:
Late Fees:
Interlibrary Loan (dept website, summary policy for your patrons and contact):
Course Reserves site and password information to access them if possible (see note
Obituaries/Local History/Genealogical Services:
Other Policies:
Please save as [youlibrary]prof.doc, (for example 'uncgprof.doc') and send to
[email protected] (please copy [email protected] ).
Please call Phil Blank at (919) 942-8995 if you have any questions.
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