Stanley Hong
Celltrion, Inc.
Dr. Stanley Hong is currently a President of Celltrion, Inc. in charge of
R&D to develop new monoclonal antibodies and fusion proteins
including biosimilars and biobetters. He has many experience in
development of biopharmaceutical products and industrial enzymes. Dr.
Hong joined Celltrion from the beginning(2002) and made lots of
contribution to the successful establishment of Celltrion which is already
public company and located at Incheon, South Korea. Recently his team
has successfully developed and got approval of Infliximab Biosimilar
from Korean FDA as well as EMA, and BLA applications of this product is
currently under review by multiple countries.
Prior to joining Celltrion, he has been working for Samyang Genex Corp
about 20 years. At that time Dr. Hong was also in charge of Biotech R&D,
and had a wide range of technical experience from cell culture to
microbial fermentation. He has developed several products which were
successfully commercialized.
He was very active scientists as well as business person in this biotech
area over past 32 years. Dr. Hong received a Ph.D from Seoul National
University in Korea as Enzymology and Biochemical Engineering major,
and spent two years at University of Wisconsin for Postdoctoral Fellow.
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