Cardiovascular Technology PSLO

Orange Coast College
Learning Outcomes Assessment Model
Program Name: ___CARDIOVASCULAR TECHNOLOGY____________________________
Program Lead: __DARRYL ISAAC______________________________
Type of Outcome:  CSLOs [X] PSLOs (please check type of outcome)
Institutional Learning Outcomes: Communication; Thinking Skills; Global Awareness; Personal Development & Responsibility
Program Mission
Graduate qualified ECG
Technicians to meet the
needs of the community.
Educate and graduate
qualified non-invasive
Cardiovascular Technologist
and Vascular Technologist
who are able to acquire
ARDCS and RVT National
Registry Status.
Provide an adequate number
of graduates to meet the
needs of the local, state and
national imaging community.
Intended Outcomes
Means of Assessment &
Criteria for Success
The CVT Program graduate
will be able to obtain entry
level employment as an ECG
Technician or Cardiovascular
Imaging Technologist
performing non-invasive
examinations as ordered by a
Students must pass all program
courses with a grade “C” or
better to continue and
graduate the program.
Program graduates will
perform patient exams,
synthesizing data relating to
normal and abnormal cardiac
and vascular anatomy,
physiology and
hemodynamics to produce
diagnostically acceptable test
as ordered by a Physician.
Graduates will sit for and
pass the National ARDCS
Registry Examination.
Analysis of Data
Analysis of grades in all
CVT courses Spring ’09
and Fall ’09 indicate 92%
of students received a
grade “C” of better.
Use of Results
Outcome achieved.
No change is needed at this
Each student met the
criteria and received a
satisfactory clinical
Outcome achieved. A new
clinical evaluation will be
utilized to quantify and
evaluate direct “hands- on”
of all non-invasive
procedures by the student.
Students are surveyed in
selected courses for learning
Graduates are surveyed for
Program effectiveness.
Employers are surveyed and
Advisory Committee input is
Selected courses surveyed:
CVT 150/CVT 170/CVT
250 and 265.
Surveys indicate course
and program effectiveness.
Graduate surveys indicate a
decrease in local available
Employer survey shows a
decrease in open positions.
Will discuss with Advisory
and seek recommendations.
Successful Registry pass rate
data is utilized.
Pass rate is 80% with 10 of
the 12 students receiving
their Registry Credentials.
Continue to encourage all
graduates to attempt the
Registry Exam.
Students must demonstrate
proficiency in all non-invasive
cardiac testing and must
receive at minimum a
satisfactory evaluation in all
clinical task and assignments.
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