Speaker Bio`s - Clean Water Action

Nicholas J. Ashbolt, Ph.D.
Dr. Nicholas Ashbolt was born, raised and educated in
Australia. He received his undergraduate ( B.Ag.Sc. Hons)
and graduate (Ph.D.) degrees in microbial ecology from the
University of Tasmania. Before Nick moved to the United
States to work for the EPA, he held a number of positions
with various research institutions. He was the principal
wastewater scientist for Australian Water Technologies Science and Environment (the
research arm of Sydney Water Corp.) before joining the University of New South Wales
(UNSW) in Sydney in 1994 where he was the Deputy Director of the Centre for Water
and Waste Technology, the Education Coordinator for the Cooperative Research Center
for Waste Management and Pollution Control, a full professor, and most recently served
as the Head of the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Nick is currently
collaborating with researchers at the American Water Works Association, Water
Research Foundation, Water Environment Research Foundation, Water Reuse
Foundation, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Southern California Coastal
Water Research Project, University of Cincinnati, Johns Hopkins University, and the
National Sanitation Foundation. He is also leading a research team investigating
pathogens within distribution system biofilms and undertaking quantitative microbial
risk assessments of drinking and recreational waters at the A.W. Breidenbach
Environmental Research Center, where he is based in Cincinnati, OH. At present his
focus is primarily on developing a pathogen capturing device for drinking water
contamination events, identifying the significance of Legionella within biofilms in
distribution and premise plumbing, and determining the relative risks of non-human
fecal contamination of waters. [email protected]
Jeff Chapin, IDEO
Jeff Chapin is a mechanical engineer, project leader, and
product designer at IDEO. His specialties include project
management, product and platform innovation and strategy,
mechanism design, plastics, machined-part and metal-casting
design, the packaging of electronics, and high- and lowvolume manufacturing.
During his tenure at IDEO, Jeff has led and assisted in the design of battery-powered
surgical tools for orthopedic surgery, IV drug delivery devices, a novel food-delivery
system, a human-powered well pump for East Africa, and new product platform
strategies for the airline industry and for the construction products industry. In 2006, he
transferred to IDEO Boston after three years working at IDEO’s Munich and Palo Alto
Jeff has lectured in Stanford University, co-teaching a class in ecological design. He also
taught an introductory product design course at Technisches Universitaet Muenchen
(TUM) and mentored students in product innovation projects at MIT and the Harvard
Medical School.
Before joining IDEO, Jeff worked for Stratos Product Development in Seattle and
explored the world of research geology at Princeton and Stanford universities. Jeff holds
a master’s in mechanical engineering (product design) from Stanford and a bachelor’s in
civil and geological engineering from Princeton. [email protected]
Juli Beth (J.B.) Hinds, Tetra Tech
Juli Beth Hinds is a project manager in the San Diego office of
Tetra Tech’s Western Water Group. Trained as a City Planner,
she has worked on municipal stormwater and wastewater
planning, project development, and financing initiatives for the
past 15 years. Currently she is working with clients including the
City of San Diego, US EPA Region 5, Riverside County, and the
Metropolitan Water District on green infrastructure projects,
wastewater management programs, auditing local codes and ordinances to improve LID
implementation, and watershed plans. J.B. joined Tetra Tech in April, 2010 after serving
for many years as the community planning director for the Mad River Valley District and
the City of South Burlington in Vermont. While in VT, she was the project manager for
two of US EPA’s National Integrated Water Resource Demonstration Grants for
decentralized wastewater and stormwater management. Prior to her public-sector
tenure she worked at BFJ Planning in New York City, working on planning projects from
CEQR/SEQR EIS documentation for high-rise buildings in Manhattan to the first model
zoning code for land privatization in Ukraine. Despite being part of four public planning
commission meetings where individuals have had to be arrested for disorderly conduct,
J.B. has, herself, managed to stay out of jail. So far. [email protected]
Paul Knowles, Ph.D., Sustainability Engineer &
Corporate Responsibility Officer
Paul Knowles combines specialisms in life cycle analysis and
measurement of sustainability, design for energy and water
conservation, and wastewater treatment by natural systems; to
produce the most economically, environmentally and socially
appropriate wastewater infrastructure solutions for NSU. Mr.
Knowles undertook his doctoral research at Aston University, UK
in collaboration with water utility Severn Trent Water Ltd. (UK).
His research addressed hydraulics and clogging in municipal wastewater Treatment
Wetlands. Mr. Knowles holds a first class Master's Degree from the University of
Warwick (UK) in Mechanical Engineering with a focus in sustainability, water and
energy. His specialist knowledge regarding optimized hydraulic design of subsurface
flow treatment wetland systems for improved longevity has been the subject of several
publications in scientific journals such as Water Research and Ecological Engineering,
and has been applauded through numerous prizes at international scientific conferences.
Email: [email protected]
Pio Lombardo, PE, has over 35 years of experience in
management and environmental engineering leadership,
specializing in the areas of water, wastewater, water
conservation and hazardous waste remediation. During his
career, Mr. Lombardo has provided consulting services on
decentralized wastewater issues to the US EPA, and has been
the Engineer of Record for water and wastewater engineering
projects with capital costs totaling over $200 million.
For 15 years, Mr. Lombardo held senior executive positions, providing leadership,
consulting and strategic planning to top national environmental and engineering firms
including Wheelabrator, Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Groundwater
Technology and Dames & Moore. Mr. Lombardo was Vice President of Client Services for
Wheelabrator's water and wastewater privatization and contract operation efforts
throughout North America.
Mr. Lombardo was the recipient of the prestigious American Consulting Engineer's
Council Engineering Excellence Award, and an Engineering News Record Construction
Man of the Year candidate award, and was designated an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of
the Year finalist. [email protected]
Ken Moraff, Deputy Directory, Ecosystem
Protection, U.S. EPA Region 1
Ken Moraff is Deputy Director of the Office of
Ecosystem Protection at EPA’s New England regional
office, with responsibility for federal clean air, clean
water, and climate change programs in the six New
England states. He has led major environmental
projects including the Boston Harbor and Charles
River cleanups. Moraff has also served as manager of
EPA New England’s enforcement program and as a staff attorney. He is a graduate of
Cornell Universityand Harvard Law School. [email protected]
Valerie Nelson, Director, Water Alliance
Valerie Nelson is the Director of the Coalition for Alternative
Wastewater Treatment, which is a national alliance of advocates for
and experts in decentralized water, wastewater, and stormwater
treatment and management. Dr. Nelson is Chair of the
Decentralized Systems Advisory Committee at the National
Decentralized Water Resources Capacity Development Project
hosted by WERF, and served two terms on the Gloucester City
Council. She was the Director of the Lighthouse Preservation Society and was a Lecturer
and Visiting Assistant Professor at the Kennedy School of Government and M.I.T.
[email protected]
Bob Curtis is Chief Executive Officer of the Regional Technology Development
Corporation in Woods Hole, MA, an innovation accelerator broadly focused on the
commercialization of technology discovered and developed from the Woods Hole
Oceanographic Institution and the Marine Biological Laboratory. He is currently leading
the effort as Executive Director to launch the newly formed Center for Innovative Water
Technologies, a non-profit organization focused on the development and
commercialization of new technologies while addressing policy and economic issues
surrounding the management of global water resources. [email protected]
Ray Jack serves as Director of Public Works for Falmouth, MA. He is a Certified Public
Works Manager through Rutgers University, Government Division with over 30 years
experience in public works administration and holds water system licenses in
Massachusetts as well as water and wastewater licenses in New Jersey. His focus is on
development of holistic, integrated, cost-effective solutions for future environmental
and cultural sustainability. [email protected]
Hilde Maingay is an environmental educator, ecological landscape designer, and expert
home gardener. She has practiced organic food production on Cape Cod for 39 years,
including home-scale vegetable gardens, greenhouse food production, and growing
diverse perennial herb, shrub and tree crops. She has conducted scientific research on
labor/productivity intensive vegetable production and insect pest management.
[email protected]
Paul Niedzwiecki is the Executive Director of the Cape Cod Commission, the regional
land use planning and regulatory agency. Previously Mr. Niedzwiecki also served as
Assistant Town Manager for the Town of Barnstable, Special Assistant District Attorney
and Chief Financial Officer for the Cape and Islands District Attorney's Office.
[email protected]
Matt Patrick is Executive Director of the Westport River Watershed Alliance (WRWA).
Previously Matt was State Representative for Barnstable County, a Falmouth Selectman,
and the former Executive Director of Cape and Islands Self-Reliance Corporation, a local
nonprofit dedicated to self reliance in energy, water and food. [email protected]
Ron Zweig has 35 years of professional experience in aquaculture development and
aquatic resource conservation, particularly in the context of integrated coastal zone
planning and management. He has held positions at World Bank, the Food and
Agriculture Organization of the United Nations as staff member and consultant in
Asia. Here in Falmouth Ron was the leader of aquatic system studies at the New
Alchemy Institute for 10 years. [email protected]
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