Royal Knights Team
October 2011
Thank You Royal Knight Families!
Thank you Royal Knight families for continued support of your students. We had many
parents stop into school after the mid-quarter grade updates were sent home, and we
encourage you to continue to monitor your student’s progress on Power School for the first
quarter will end on October 14th. Teachers are most easily available by email or a phone call
between 7:30-7:45 and 2:30-3:00.
Volunteers Needed
Wednesday, October 26 is the Halloween Social that your Royal Knights team is sponsoring.
As a result we are asking for parent volunteers to help in one or more areas of: setup,
chaperone, work an activity, cleanup, make cupcakes for the cakewalk, or a combination of
the listed. Please contact Mrs. Heminger at [email protected] if you would
like to volunteer and specify the job you would like to help with if you have a preference. It
would be a wonderful chance to dress up for Halloween!!!
PowerSchool-Get Ready For Success
Just like we are all preparing our homes, vehicles, and woodpiles for winter, you can
help prepare your student for another quarter of success by updating your contact
information on PowerSchool. On our Team Website there is a link containing instructions for
how to access your account in PowerSchool. If you have difficulties, please call the office.
Once you log in, please check to make sure your contact information (phone, address, and
email) is current. A copy of the newsletter was emailed to everyone on the class email list.
If you did not receive it, your email may need to be updated.
If you know your child will be absent from school, please notify the office. A 48-hour
notice will allow us to compile work that your child will miss. All work provided for a prearranged absence is due the day the student returns to school.
Check Out What’s Happening
English with Ms. Mullins
We are currently reading "In the Fog" and "The Hitchhiker" to complete our
compare/contrast essay of the two suspenseful stories. The students are enjoying reading
these surprise-ending stories. The "Brown Bag" Book Report is Due October 11th. Students
will present their speech with the book reports the 11th through the 13th in class. I am
looking forward to seeing these book reports! Towards the end of the month, we will begin
reading The Red Pyramid along with Mrs. Midgley. Please feel free to continue to check my
website for more information with any assignments:
Science with Mrs. Heminger
Students are wrapping up this quarter’s Ecology unit with two tests, a mastery test and a
performance test. The students completed the mastery test the last week of September and
the grades are updated on power school. The performance test is the creation of a music
video with educational song lyrics about one unit of Ecology that we studied in class to teach
the concept to a peer. In case you are worried about listening to band rehearsals and drums
banging late into the night, begin breathing again, because all work on the project will be
completed in class on garage band. Ask your student about what they are creating and be
ready to offer advice if asked. The projects are due the week of the 10th and look forward to
a DVD with videos shortly thereafter.
Math with Mr. Verley
Statistics, measures of central tendency, and making and interpreting graphs will take us to
the end of the quarter. These skills will be very helpful as students begin their science
experiments next quarter and as they make their presentations a little later on. Of course,
earlier skills, like divisibility patterns, will be helpful and necessary in determining measures of
central tendency.
With only two weeks remaining in the quarter, this might also be a great time to improve
on skills currently demonstrated at a level less than 4. I’m always willing to meet with
students asking for clarification or wanting to show improved skills. As always, I welcome, and
encourage, parents to share in their student’s experiences. Please feel free to drop by the
class any time. Should you wish to discuss issues or concerns in detail, I would be happy to
schedule a meeting outside of classroom time.
Social Studies with Mrs. Midgley
Students have been learning all about ancient Mesopotamia in Social Studies class.
Ask your
child which empire they are currently researching with their partner. Partners will be
presenting their empire research on Friday, October 7th. First quarter is rapidly coming to
a close, and we will be having our Mesopotamia Test and Notebook Check on Wednesday,
October 12th. Please be on the lookout for a study guide and notebook checklist!
Please check the website daily for project, test, and notebook information. All classwork
should be kept in the notebook, which will be turned in on test day for a grade. Once we
begin second quarter, we will be diving into our next unit, ancient Egypt!
Teacher and Team Web Sites
Our team has a team web site with information that applies to all students such as team
newsletters and upcoming events. The team site also has links to each of the teacher sites.
The teacher web sites are where you can get a quick look at what was done in class each day
and any assignments (both in class and homework); often the assignments can be
Team web site
Mrs. Heminger
Miss Mullins
Mr. Verley
Mrs. Midgley
Contacting Teachers
You are always welcome to contact us if you have a question or concern. The best way to
reach us is through email. If you prefer to call, then please call between 7:30-7:45 and
Michelle Heminger
[email protected]
488-2271 ext. 9132
Katherine Mullins
Important Dates
Friday Oct. 14
- Last Day of 1st Quarter –
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