Brian Maguire

Brian Maguire
born 1951 in Dublin, Ireland
Lives in Dublin
Degrees and colleges
Diploma in painting (1974), National College of Art and Design (NACD),
Current occupation capacity
Artist and Professor of Fine Art, NACD
Exhibition attended
Numerous exhibitions in Ireland and abroad including
Solo – Hidden Islands, notes from the War on the Poor, Kerlin Gallery, Ireland,
Solo – Brian Maguire, Work from 5 Projects, Danubia Museum, Bratislava,
Slovakia, 2005
Solo – When Love is buried in the Attic, Fenton Gallery, Cork, Ireland
Group – Views from an Island, Millennium Monument Museum, Irish Museum,
Ireland, Beijing and Shanghai Museums, China 2004
Group – Race/Face, National Gallery of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea,
Solo – Favella Vila Prudente, Ram, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 2004
Solo – The Bayview Project, Whitebox, New York, USA, 2003
Solo – Crosby Street, Kerlin Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
Solo – Inside/Out, Hugh Lane City Gallery, Dublin, Contemporary Art
Museum, Houston TX, USA and Crawford Municipal Gallery, Cork, Ireland,
Group – 24th Sao Paulo Bienal, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1998
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