Template for Abstract – 2010 Israel Robotics Conference
John Dolittle1* and Yarden O. Alon2
Faculty of Engineering Science, Technion, Haifa 32000, Israel; *[email protected]
Alon Yarden Inc., Amakim Valley, Tirat Yaakov 36815, Israel
This is a sample document of abstract for the 2010 Israel Robotics Conference (ICR2010).
The abstract should be submitted in English (Hebrew will not be accepted for the final
submission). All text should be in font Times New Roman. Title should be 14pt size
boldface type. Authors’ names should be 12pt size normal type. Affiliations should be 10pt
size, and the main text should be 11pt size with spacing of 1.5 lines. Page margins should
coincide with this template. The main text should contain 200 to 400 words and may include
multiple paragraphs, but no sections and titles. Up to three figures or pictures are allowed
with numbering and captions. A short bibliographic list may be included at the end of the
document with font size 9pt and IEEE referencing style. Referencing should appear within the
text with numbers such as [1] and [2,3]. The total length of the abstract is limited to a single
A4 page. Abstracts in final form should be submitted as PDF or MS-WORD document.
Submission deadline: August 31st, 2010. Additional submission of full papers is optional,
with the same submission deadline. The papers should be 3 to 6 pages long in two columns,
formatted according to IEEE template for conference papers, which can be found at:
Figure 1. (a) Periodic oscillatory motion of the 2-sphere swimmer near a wall. (b) Stable converging
motion of the 2+1-sphere swimmer near a wall. (c) Picture of a macro-robotic swimmer prototype.
G. Kosa , M. Shoham and M. Zaaroor, “Propulsion method for swimming micro robots”, IEEE Trans.
Robotics, 23(1), pp. 137-150, 2007.
S. D. Kelly and R. M. Murray, “Geometric phase and robotic locomotion”, Journal of Robotic Systems, vol.
12, pp. 417-431, 1995.
J. Ostrowski and J. Burdick, “The geometric mechanics of undulatory robotic locomotion”, International
Journal of Robotics Research, Vol. 17, No. 7, 683-701 ,1998.
E. A. Shammas, H. Choset, and A. A. Rizzi, “Geometric motion planning analysis for two classes of
underactuated mechanical systems”, International Journal of Robotics Research, Vol. 26, No. 10, 10431073, 2007.
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