wcps language checklist grades 5-12

Wayne County Public Schools
Wayne County Public Schools
Teacher’s Rating Scale
Language Skills Grades 5-12
Student: _________________________ Teacher: __________________________ Grade: _____ Date: ______________
1. Pays attention to spoken instruction
2. Follows spoken directions
3. Remembers what people say
4. Understands word meanings
5. Understands double meaning words
6. Understands idioms and figurative language
7. Understands new ideas
8. Looks at people when they are talking
9. Understands facial/body language
10. Understands subject related vocabulary and concepts.
8. Answers questions appropriately
9. Answers questions as quickly as other students
10. Asks for help
11. Asks questions
Unable to
Please complete this form in ink. It will be included in student’s final report.
Please compare the student’s strengths and weaknesses to other students in your class.
This will help determine the role communication plays in general education and/or special
education development.
12. Uses a variety of vocabulary words when speaking
13. Find the right words to say
14. Expresses thoughts clearly
15. Describes with appropriate detail
16. Uses correct grammar when speaking
17. Expands on an answer or provides details
18. Stays on the subject when talking
19. Can have a conversation with peers
20. Gets to the point when talking
21. Uses complete sentences when talking
22. Uses a variety of sentence types when talking
23. Rephrases when not understood
24. Puts idea in correct order when speaking
25. Sounds out words when reading
26. Understands what he/she has read
27. Identifies the main idea of what he/she has read
28. Explains what he/she has read
29. Remembers details from what he/she has read
30. Follows written directions
List the problems that concern you the most about this student’s communication.
Please return to ______________________________________________ by this date: ___________________________.