Plattsburgh State University, Feinberg Library

Plattsburgh State University, Feinberg Library
Course Objectives – Proposed Information Management Course
Becomes familiar with Plattsburgh’s library and technology facilities and services
Performs the basic operations of computer use
Understands the definitions and structures of information and how that understanding
helps to shape a search for information
Understands how to define a topic and formulate a focused question about that topic
Uses technological tools (online catalogs, periodical databases, search engines) to find
valid and appropriate information
Uses search strategies appropriate to the search tool, including database-specific
Demonstrates ability to locate and retrieve information in a variety of formats
Evaluates information and determines its appropriateness for chosen topic
Understands the uses of spreadsheets, databases, graphics and presentation programs
Uses selected information technologies (word processing, presentation software,
spreadsheets) to communicate results of information research
Understands ethical, legal, and socioeconomic issues surrounding information and
New Course Proposal by Carla Hendrix and Debra Kimok
CAH 4/17/03