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COMPOST CORNER – The periodic newsletter of
Charnwood Garden Project
Late Spring Edition
We have received confirmation that the Mayor of Charnwood
will attend the open day on the above date and will officially
open our new sensory garden. Our gates will be open from
11am to 2pm and we expect the mayor at around 11.30 am.
EVERYONE is welcome. Please come and support our wonderful
volunteers and see all the improvements we’ve worked very
hard to achieve.
All of the various groups continue to thrive on the gardens. The
Monday and Friday sessions offering accredited Open College
Network courses have grown in size and students are moving
towards achieving their qualifications. If you would like to know
the possibilities for next term, please speak to Bobby.
We continue to have work experience students from the RNIB and
Burleigh colleges.
Tuesday to Thursday continues to be funded by Adult Social Care
and seven people attend on each day.
Volunteers – We would like to welcome Estelle, Penny and Fleur
and welcome back Trish.
On Site Developments
The building has finished!!!! This week saw the last of the paving
going down and trellis going up. Even the problematic greenhouse
is finished. Now all the tidying and finishing touches are needed
and will probably take us to the morning of the open day.
Despite the cold we are doing well with plant propagation and
some crops are in the ground. This year we will be represented at
three events, selling our plants, so we are striving to build up our
stocks. Sales at John Storer House are going well, too.
I mentioned in the previous newsletter that we would be
producing hanging baskets this year, and we will begin planting
them up this week. They will be on sale at John Storer in about
two weeks. If we have a good response, we hope to expand on
this next year, offering a ‘refill’ service as well.
Advance Notice
The Project will be closed Monday and Tuesday, May 31st and June 1st.
‘Thank yous’
Hawes Plant Hire for allowing us to borrow a cement mixer for WEEKS!!
Wedge Roofing Centre for 1 tonne of sand and for being so nice.
TBD Morris for 10 tonnes of top soil (also very nice people)
Hanson for 6 tonnes of gravel and 1 tonne of sand (yes, you’re nice, too.)
Rowena Garden Centre for pots, trellis and fencing panels, plants and a
generous discount on other materials. (and you)
Royal Bank of Scotland for a donation of £250 (definitely!)
Again to Neil Clarke, Lynn Whitworth, Sam, Ivan Ost, Ted Boyd, Andy Bartlett,
students from Loughborough Uni A Team, and the ladies and gents from RBS
for all the many and varied work they have done (some giving up their bank
holiday to help).
All of the lovely people, many anonymous, who have donated plants, seeds, pots,
hanging baskets, containers of all sorts and paint.
As usual, I attach our current ‘Wish List’.
Many thanks for your continued support. We just wouldn’t be able
to accomplish as much as we do without it.
Bobby and all the Garden Gang
Wish List
PAINT in white, bright colours or shades of green and blue. We
want to decorate the outside of the shed so outdoor paint would
be best. Any oddments will help. Paints of other types could
also be used for decorating pots.
Yacht varnish and brushes.
Donations towards the new accessible area. We still need to
purchase trellis and fencing and water butts.
Large plant pots, especially 2 and 3 litre sizes
Anyone with fundraising experience or willing to have a go helping
out with this work.
Donations of plants (house or garden) and TIME. Both are equally
Water butts.
Trellis or fence panels.
Empty hanging or wall baskets or planters/decorative pots in good
CDs, DVDs, videos, books for the open day
That’s all for this edition. Do please get in touch if you have any
comments, suggestions or questions, or to volunteer some help.
Contact me on 01509 631774 or email me
[email protected]
Charnwood Garden Project
John Storer House
Wards End
Loughborough, LE11 3HA
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