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Vermont Equine
Riding and Driving Assoc. LLC
Introduction to
Competitive Trail Riding and Endurance Clinic
Date : May 8th 2015
From 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Location : Cornish Town Hall
Cornish NH
Come learn about the exciting sports of Competitive Trail Riding and Endurance riding with Douglas
Bejarano, VERDA president. This clinic will provide information about the care, fitness and
preparation of your horse for these sports. With hands on experience you can learn about pacing, the
vetting process, taking your horse's pulse and what can and can not be used. You will observe the
actual vetting in process for the following days Brown Bag 25 CTR with the instructor. Then we will
finish with a question and answer with judges, managers and competitors.
Course Itinerary
Getting you and your horse fit for the sport
Rules of the sport
Differences between CTR and Endurance
The Vetting process
How to take a pulse
How to Pace your horse.
Question and Answer
If the course gets you exited about the sport feel free to come observe, volunteer or ride the Brown Bag
CTR 25 and 15 starting at 7:00 am on Saturday May 11th and / or the Bare Bones 50 and 30 endurance
starting at 7:00 am Sunday May 12th. Both events will be held at the Cornish Fairgrounds
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Contact Douglas Bejarano
374 Coon Club Rd
West Winsdor, VT 05089
802 484 3406
802 484 3406