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22 August 2011
International weakness towards the attackers from the north (Koha Ditore)
Government promises control of the north before 15 September (dailies)
Serbs block KFOR for a few hours (dailies)
No talks about the north (Express)
EULEX report for UNSC, revealed (Kosova Sot)
Reeker in dialogue (Express)
Krasniqi: Borders cannot be changed only for Kosovo (Epoka e Re)
Kosovo Media Highlights
International weakness towards the attackers from the north (Koha Ditore)
Koha Ditore reports that the violant acts of the extreme and criminal groups in the
north, against the law enforcement, have not been resolved from the investigators and
justice for an entire decade. Even though, initiated through many investigation
procedures, reveling of the attacks with fire arms and other explosive ordnances, in
the most cases aimed at officials and soldiers of international missions, as well as
institutional buildings, concrete results of bringing to justice the suspected individuals,
have not been achieved. EULEX admits that European prosecutors cannot follow the
cases because of the lack of sufficient evidence.
Government promises control of the north before 15 September (dailies)
Koha Ditore reports that Kosovo Government has come with a political stance that the
establishment of rule of law in the north of Kosovo, “might” happen before 15
September, on the date when the agreement reached between KFOR and Belgrade to
unblock the roads from the local Serbs in the north, ends. In the meantime, Kosovo
Government, has been informed on Sunday, for the return of AKSH (Albanian
National Army) in the scene. The latter, sent an ultimatum to the Government to take
over control of the border points 1 and 31, otherwise, AKSH would fight for the north.
They mentioned 30 September as the deadline for the Government to regain control in
the north.
Deputy Prime Minister, Hajredin Kuçi claimed that it is being worked to reach
normalization of this part of the country, and regain control as soon as possible,
perhapes before 15 September. “We are working diligently and with added intensity
for the establishment of normality as soon as possible. Currently, we have KFOR
control and military zone, there, and we will have control of customs points as soon as
it is possible. This might happen before 15 September, but what I am saying is that
even after 15 September, there will be rule of law, there will be control of customs
points”, stated on Sunday, Deputy Prime Minister Hajredin Kuçi.
Serbs block KFOR for a few hours (dailies)
Based on KFOR sources in the north, Koha Ditore reports that on Sunday morning, a
group of Serbs blocked a KFOR unit in the village of Postenje in Lesak, and released
it after a few hours. KFOR did not make any statement about this, however, this daily
learned that with the order of the EULEX international prosecutor, KFOR and
members of EULEX were heading towards the building of the parallel institution
“Srbija sume” where the excavator which was used to block the border point in Jarinje
in July was seized that morning. The same excavator was used to shoot the Polish
KFOR, on 26 July, the day when the border point in Jarinje was burned, report dailies
adding thaty EULEX had arrested the guard of the company, who wanted to obstruct
officials in sizing the excavator. The barricades in the road were removed only after
the release of the guard, report dailies.
No talks about the north (Express)
Express reports that Kosovo Government has once again denied the speculations that e
the north of Kosovo will be included in the dialogue with Serbia, which will start in
September in Brussels. Deputy Prime Minister, Hajredin Kuçi, said that there will be
no discussions with Serbia about internal issues of Kosovo. He denied that the north
would be on the table of discussions. Deputy Prime Minister announced that together
with the international factor, the rule of law will be established in the north
EULEX report for UNSC, revealed (Kosova Sot)
Kosova Sot reports that the report of the EU Highest Representative for Foreign Policy
and Security, sent to the United Nations Secretary General contains the activities of
EULEX mission for the period of 16 April until 15 July. Actions of EULEX against
corruption, organized crime and those which have to do with war crimes, are included
in the report. The newspaper has published the full report, while other parts related to
the EULEX actions, will be published in future editions. UNSC discusses Kosovo on
29 August.
Reeker in dialogue (Express)
Express reports that US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and
Eurasian Affairs, Philip Reeker, will represent American Government in the dialogue
between Kosovo and Serbia, in Brussels. Thomas Countryman, who used to have this
position before, was nominated by President Obama, at an important sector against
nuclear, biological and chemical armament, reports this daily. The same daily stresses
that there are no changes in the Kosovo, Serbian or European delegations.
Krasniqi: Borders cannot be changed only for Kosovo (Epoka e Re)
Epoka e Re reports that commenting the ideas for division of Kosovo, Kosovo
Assembly Chairperson Jakup Krasniqi, said that Belgrade and the international
community should know that Kosovo’s borders cannot be changed alone. Krasniqi
also stated that he is against any status for the municipalities in the north of Kosovo,
adding that Ahtisaari’s Plan should be implemented in the entire Kosovo. “It cannot
be and in no manner should we accept any other plan, except for Ahtisaari’s, that was
implemented in other parts of the country,” said Krasniqi adding that no one looses
more from non-implementation of this plan than the Serb community.
Kosovo Press Headlines
Koha Ditore
Front page
 International weakness towards attackers from the north
 Serbs block KFOR for several hours
 Reciprocity does not save Albanian entrepreneurs of the valley
 Change of Governments in Hungary, leaves Pristina without ten million euros
Other headlines
 Kuçi: Coalition was reached based on principals, not personal perceptions (2)
 Government promises control of the north before 15 September (3)
 The north challenged the north even during Kuçi’s second quarter (3)
 Thaçi Government, financially ravenous (4)
 Palokaj: One good and one bad news for Kosovo from the visit of German
Chancellor in Balkans (10)
Front page
 Kuçi: There is no shaking of Government
 Governors mask their official vehicles
 Government fails the Assembly
Other headlines
 Cufaj: Merkel’s mysterious miracles (2)
 AKSH “to liberate” the war (2)
 Kosovo or EU, a false dilemma (2)
 Beqaj meets Berisha (2)
We do not negotiate the courts (4)
During discussions, everything is political (4)
Merkel’s message (4)
Six warranty for arrest in the north (5)
Kosova Sot
Front page
 EULEX report for the UN SC enlightened
 Kuçi: The north does not impact the dialogue
 AKSH threatens the north
 Coalition clashes regarding recognitions
Other headlines
 Emersen, Haradinaj’s and Asange’s lawyer (2)
 Law against mafia is being drafted (3)
 Canada removes arrest warranty for Çeku (4)
 Minister Beqaj visits Albania (7)
Epoka e Re
Front page
 Jakup Krasniqi: It cannot be changed only the borders of Kosovo
 Kuçi: Before 15 September it will be returned normality in the points 1 and
 FASHE: After 30 September we restart the war actions in the north
 One month without Serb goods
Other headlines
 Germany returns to Balkans (2)
 Kacin: Serbia first should improve relations with Kosovo (2)
 Leposavic Mafia, ally with Ivanovic (2)
 When EULEX will do a good work (3)
 There is no shaking of coalition (7)
 One month without Serb goods (9)
Front page
 Reeker in the dialogue
 Powerlessness of the powerful
 They race about Kosovo
Other headlines
 There is no dilemma “Kosovo or EU” (4)
 No talks for the north (5)
 Internationals decide (6)
 Germany returns to Balkans (6)
 Turkey interested about Kosovo (5)
Bota Sot
Front page
 Serbs block KFOR for the hassle of a excavator
 About my decisions I don’t ask anyone, not even EULEX nor ICO
 There is no dialogue with Belgrade for the courts in the north
Other headlines
 Kacin: There is no dilemma “Kosovo or EU” (4)
 EULEX members confiscated an excavator (4)
 AKSH gives ultimatum to Thaçi and Jahjaga (7)
 Deputies stop vacations – return urgently in the Assembly (9)
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