EHRCR WG Member list 122308

EHR Clinical Research Value Case Workgroup
Jonathan Andrus
Society for Clinical Data Management
Vice President, Clinical Data
Management & Regulatory Operations
Phoenix Data Systems
[email protected]
Elaine Collier, MD
Assistant Director, Clinical Research
National Center for Research
National Institutes of Health
[email protected]
Robert Annechiarico
Director, Information Systems
Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center
[email protected]
Kevin M. Coonan, MD
Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Harvard University
[email protected]
Kate Blenner
Timothy J. Cromwell, RN, PhD
Director, Standards and Interoperability
VHA OI, Department of Veterans Affairs
[email protected]
Program Analyst
[email protected]
Kenneth Buetow, PhD
NCI Associate Director for
Bioinformatics and Information
Technology and
Director, Center for Biomedical
Informatics and Information
National Cancer Institute
[email protected]
Christopher Chute, MD, DrPH
Professor of Medical Informatics
Associate Professor of Epidemiology
Mayo Clinic
[email protected]
Perry Cohen, PhD
Founder and Director
Parkinson Pipeline Project
[email protected]
Jeffrey David
Director, Industry Development
Healthcare Information and
Management Systems Society
[email protected]
Peggy Devine
Founder and President
Cancer Information & Support Network
[email protected]
Yu Ding, MD
Association of Clinical Research
Vice President, Data Services and IT
[email protected]
*Gregory Downing, MD, PhD
Program Director
Personalized Health Care Initiative
Department of Health & Human
[email protected]
* Acting EHR Clinical Research Value Case Workgroup Co-Chair
Paul Harris, MD
Research Associate Professor of
Biomedical Engineering
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Vanderbilt University
[email protected]
Steven Hirschfeld, MD
Associate Director for Clinical Research
National Institute for Child Health and
Human Development
[email protected]
Charles Jaffe, MD, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
Health Level 7
[email protected]
Armando Oliva, MD
Deputy Director, Bioinformatics
Office of the Critical Path Programs
Food & Drug Administration
[email protected]
Rachel Richesson, PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor
Pediatrics Epidemiology Center
College of Medicine
University of South Florida
[email protected]
John Speakman
Associate Director, Clinical Trials
Products and Programs
National Cancer Institute
[email protected]
Michael Kahn, MD, PhD
American Medical Informatics
Clinical Informatics
The Children’s Hospital, Denver
[email protected]
Linda King
eClinical Forums/EHR/CR Initiative/EDC
Task Force
Leader, Global Clinical Management
Eli Lilly and Company
[email protected]
Judith Kramer, MD, MS
Executive Director, Clinical Trials
Transformation Initiative
Duke University
[email protected]
*Rebecca Kush, PhD
President and CEO
Clinical Data Interchange Standards
[email protected]
David Leventhal
Director, Healthcare Informatics
Pfizer, Inc.
[email protected]
* Acting EHR Clinical Research Value Case Workgroup Co-Chair
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