Global Water System Project (GWSP)
Digital Water Atlas – Dataset/Map Provision Form
Dataset Reference number
(filled in by the GWSP)
Dataset Provider – Name
Dataset Provider – Institution
Dataset Title
Please provide as much information about the dataset as possible. A summary, a short description and an interpretation as well as
information about underlying definitions are mandatory for all datasets. In addition to that, each dataset/map should come with
extensive metadata, preferably following the ISO 19115 standard. The preferred data format is an ArcGIS polygon file including a
map/legend layout.
(One sentence; used as introduction text in the ‘browse maps’ section of the Atlas)
Short description of the dataset/map
(What can be seen in the map?)
Short interpretation of the
dataset/map (How do you explain the
causes and resulting effects?)
(The verbal description of the map should describe the way the values shown in the map have been calculated and
point out interesting patterns and hot-spot regions.)
(The interpretation should explain the underlying causes and linkages within the Global Water System, e.g. main
drivers of the phenomena shown in the map.)
Underlying definitions
(How do you define the basic terms
used in the title/ description?)
Key Words
(Used when searching for maps)
Short description of the dataset’s
background (Why / for what project
was the dataset created?)
If map describes a possible future:
short description about the underlying
Author of summary, description,
Related Publications (references to
papers, websites etc.)
Contact point for further information
The provided dataset can be published1 via the GWSP Digital Water Atlas
… as map (without the possibility to explore values)
… as map (with the possibility to explore values)
… as GIS file (e.g. ArcGIS Shapefile or Grid)
 NO
 NO
 NO2
Provider name: _________________________________________________________________________
Provider signature: _________________________________________Date: ________________________
Please note: Publication may be done under the Creative Commons license ‘Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0’. See for details.
Please provide the link (URL) at which the dataset can be downloaded (use the ‘Comments’ field for that).
Please return this form electronically to [email protected] and a signed copy by FAX to +49-228-7360834 (alternatively –
and preferred – a signed copy in PDF format)
Form Version: 1.6 (2008-02-26)
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