IR 514 Homework #3 The Gujarati Problems are Due February 14th

IR 514
Homework #3
The Gujarati Problems are Due February 14th. Part 2 is due Feb 21. However, do enough
thinking about part 2 that you can ask me questions before you get too deep into it. If you’re in
doubt about whether your topic is a good idea, please e-mail me or come by my office. All
topics are subject to my approval.
Part 1:
Chapter 2: Problems 2.3, 2.7, 2.10
Chapter 3: Problems 3.2, 3.14, 3.19
Part 2:
The goal of the second part of this assignment is for you to identify the research question for
your final paper, define the key constructs, find a relevant dataset(s), and begin to learn about the
data that is actually in your dataset. For this assignment you need to do the following.
1) Identify the research question you will study. Briefly (1 page) describe the current findings
regarding this question.
2) Provide the theory you aim to test and explicate the hypothesis or hypotheses
a) Define the key terms/constructs in your theory
b) What is the treatment/causal variable?
c) What is your outcome variable?
d) What change(s) will the treatment cause? Why?
3) What type of data do you need to test this theory? What are the key constructs and measures?
What are the characteristics of the data you will use?
4) Tell me what data you found that will be useful to you. What is the name of the dataset, who
collected it, what are the observations, what variables are in the data that are useful to you.
This website will be useful: