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Overall overview
The module is based on the total heat consumption forecast that is used in the performance optim ization tool Mentor Planner. The standard variety of the module covers the tota l heat consumption in
a district-heating network without dividing into zones or consumption areas. In addition to the te mperature optimization in the standard version, the forecast can also supply data to several sources.
The extended heat consumption module in Mentor Planner contains these additional features:
Extended functionality
Dividing the total heat consumption into zones
The module is able to handle any number of independent zones, thereby enabling a division of the total heat consumption into self-contained zones or consumption areas.
The module is delivered with an individual instruction of each zone, which is then
summed up in an overview of the heat consumption in any district heating network.
Differentiation of consumption types in a local forecast model
Each zone in a district-heating network has different consumption types and thereby a
different day-to-day profile. The module computes the different profiles, and they
work as a basis for the division of forecast computation. The neural network is well
proven, stable and very fast.
The module can handle time lags of heat consumption in relation to source
It is a prerequisite that the district-heating consumption in the zones can be measured
in one or more representative locations. Furthermore it is a prerequisite that the heat
exchange between the zones can be measured at the entry and exit points of the zone.
Any heat production in the zone must also be measurable.
The module can manage stored energy within the system via temperature stoppers
Stored energy is calculated and handled by reducing or adding to the quantity of energy that normally covers the heat requirement in any zone.
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