WILLIAM MICHAEL HISER - WilliamHiserGraduatePortfolio

Long Beach, CA 90802
[email protected]
(562) 818-8744
 Distribution and collection of 11,000+ student textbooks, as well as inventory mgmt for 120+
teacher textbooks and materials
 Maintain audio visual equipment for 120+ teachers
 Maintain circulation of 12,000+ library books.
 Maintain 60+ computers used on daily basis for research and word processing
 Research and maintain supplemental instructional materials for 120+ teachers.
 Fully integrated classroom technology and internet into daily lessons
 California League of Middle Schools Conference, W.E.L.L. training, BTSA Training,
 Certified and practicing AVID Coordinator, Teacher, and Tutor with 8 yrs of Summer Institute
 NCCEP National GEARUP Conference, 2006-2009
 CSULB Language Arts and History Curriculum & Vertical Teaming Workshops, 2004-2006
 TAP Grant Empowering Critical Thinking Skills Workshops
 Grant Writing & Administration experience
 Direct Interactive Instruction in a classroom environment
 California Democracy School – Civic Learning Initiative – Inquiry Based Learning
 Administrative with masters in Education
 Library Services with Education Technology masters (in progress)
 California Multiple Subject CLAD Credential with Single Subject supplements in: Social
Science, Business, Computer Concepts and Application, English
 California Social Science Single Subject Credential
Bellflower Unified School District, Bellflower, CA
10/02 – present
MS & HS Librarian
 Manage circulation of 12K+ library books, book orders, and weeding. Maintain collection &
distribution of 11K+ student textbooks, as well as teacher textbooks, supplemental
materials, and audio-visual equipment. Supervise afterschool-tutoring program.
12th Grade Government
 Facilitate inquiry-based learning of the US democratic process & three branches of govt.
9th Grade World Geography
 Facilitate & Instruct using DII in conjunction with multiple learning strategies to engage all
students in the learning process
7th -12th Grade AVID Elective Teacher & Coordinator
 Facilitate & instruct lessons designed for low socio-economic student, w/college potential
 Administer all aspects of the AVID program at both a high school and middle school level
7th Grade Social Studies/English Teacher
 Teach World History and English in a combined core class in a title I environment
 Facilitate & instruct using thematic teaching in conjunction with multiple learning strategies.
Summer School Classes taught
 CAHSEE English, Online Credit Recovery, World History, World Geography
Long Beach Unified School District, Long Beach, CA
Jane Addams Elementary – Third Grade
US Grant Elementary - Kindergarten
Summer 2002
 Library Services Credential/Education Technology Masters, CSULB, In Progress
 Grant Writing & Administration Certificate, CSU Dominguez Hills, 2011
 MA Education & Administrative Credential, Concordia University, 2007
 CA Multiple Subject CLAD Credential with a Business Single Subj. supplement, CSULB, 2002
 BA Degree, Business Management, University of Phoenix, 1996
 Travel Services Certificate, Cypress College, 1985
AA Degree, Business, Fullerton College, 1983
 History Club Advisor, 2012-present
 PTSA Board of Directors, Teacher Representative, 2009- present
 AVID Site Team, Coordinator, 2003 - 2013
 GEARUP Grant implementation, application, and reporting
 Site Council Coordinator, 2008-2010 & 2013-2014
 Site Council member, 2004-2008
 Project BUCS Coordinator, 2008-2009
 Junior Leo’s Club Sponsor, 2007-2008
 Academic Pentathlon, 2005-2008
 SST member, 2003-2007
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