Project Delivery Systems and Contract Types Available

Project Delivery Systems and Contract Types Available
in Construction Industry
Student Name: Bader Al-Hammadi
ID # 848971
1. Introduction:
Project delivery system can be defined as the comprehensive process by
which a building (or a product) is designed and constructed. This includes:
 Defining the scope and requirements of a project.
 Establishing procedures, actions, and sequences of events.
 Establish
responsibilities of the involved parties
 Setting the interrelationships among the participants.,
 Devising the mechanism for managing time, cost, safety and quality.
Forming the agreement and the documentation activities.
 Actual execution of the design and construction.
Closing-out of the project and start-up of the new facility.
The choice for the delivery method to be selected depends on the type of
project and the payment method available for the owner. Moreover, there are
selection criteria and considerations that if properly evaluated, the best
delivery method can be selected and the optimum cost, schedule, and
quality will be achieved. This report will describe the type of delivery
methods available in the industry. It will also describe the payment methods
available for the project cost. The criteria and the consideration that should
be considered for selecting the best method will also be discussed. Finally,
the method that have recently received great attention for being the best
method for delivering a project will be also discussed; Data and studies
proving its success as an optimum delivery method will also be discussed.