September 10, 2015

State of Israel
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September 10, 2015
Annual Data - The CBS Publicizes New Data on a Variety of Topics
(Formerly the Statistical Abstract of Israel)
This year, the Statistical Abstract of Israel has been changed in order to improve the accessibility
of the data to the public. The tables that were published to date in the Statistical Abstract will be
presented as annual tables on the CBS website, and will not be printed as a publication.
The annual data include tables and maps (diagrams will be updated later) and they are arranged
by topic.
Presented here are main findings on various aspects of life for a broad range of users, and
historical data relating to the development of Israeli society and the economy of Israel.
The findings presented are based on data from regular CBS surveys, as well as on data from onetime or recurring surveys conducted by the CBS, and on the findings of censuses conducted from
time to time. In addition, information gathered from state institutions and government ministries is
A file containing the "Introduction - Explanatory Notes, Definitions and Sources" will be attached to
each topic, under the heading "Tables and Introductions", as it appeared in the former Statistical
Abstract. For topics in which significant methodological changes were made, the Introduction was
modified appropriately and marked with shading.
In the coming months the Statistical Abstract will be published in a new format and will be
uploaded to the CBS website. It will include the main statistical findings on the State of
Annual Tables
For explanations and clarifications, please contact the Press Relations Unit, at 02-652-7845