Graduate Student Assignment

Fall 2006
Graduate Student Assignments
Additional readings are assigned to graduate students for most class periods, often taken
from the primary literature and presenting a more in depth analysis of the topic being
addressed. Graduate students should be prepared to address specific questions from those
readings during class.
Term Paper:
Graduate students will write a term paper (20-25 pages) on a topic of their choice related
to a particular agroforestry system or systems. The paper should present a critical
analysis of the current state of theoretical knowledge and practical applications of the
selected agroforestry system. Although the student may select to emphasize a particular
ecosystem service, an integrated perspective of how ecological, social, and economic
costs and benefits affect the functioning and sustainability of the agroforestry system
should be presented and discussed. Early in the semester, graduate students should meet
separately with the course instructors to discuss their selected topic. Once a topic has
been selected, a detailed outline for their term paper should be submitted for further
comment and discussion.
Class Lecture/Discussion:
Graduate students will design and lead a 50 minute class lecture/discussion on their
selected special topic towards the end of the semester. The presentation should be in
powerpoint. Interactive activities to engage the students in the learning process and
discussion should be designed and implemented as part of the class.
Weekly graduate student seminar on readings:
Depending on the interest of the graduate students, we can arrange to meet weekly at a
separate time to specifically discuss the readings. Responsibility for leading these
seminar discussions will rotate among the participating graduate students.
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