September 3 – 6, 2014
Hyatt Regency Downtown – Jacksonville
Thank you for submitting a session proposal for the 2014 APA Florida Conference.
Before filling out the form below, please review our Call for Presentations, including the
conference theme, suggested topics for each track, and presentation guidelines.
Note that a new component this year is a SPEED session with fast-paced pre-timed
presentations highlighting some of the best public places in Florida. Please consider
submitting a proposal for this new concept.
Next, complete Sections A-L below, and e-mail this form by no later than 5:00 PM on
March 31, 2014, as a PDF document to submissions@floridaplanning.org.
After you have emailed the form, you will receive an e-mail acknowledgement as a
receipt of your submittal. This e-mail is your indication that the submittal process was
successful. If you do not get this e-mail, please contact the Florida Chapter Office at
(850) 201-3272 or fapa@floridaplanning.org to ensure that your submittal was actually
Finally, all APA Florida members selected as speakers are expected to register for at
least one day of the conference.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of the 2014 Conference
Program & Professional Development Committee Co-Chairs – Steve Lindorff, AICP,
by e-mail at SLindorff@jaxbchfl.net or call (904) 247-6231 or Stephen Tocknell, AICP,
by e-mail at stevetock@clearwire.net or call (904) 638-6629.
A. Conference Track (Check One)
C - Circulation Line
E - Environmental Line
H - Health Line
M - Markets Line
P - Placemaking Line
S - Skills Line
C. Presentation Format (Check One)
1. SPEED Session (8 – 10 min)
2. Lecture
3. Panel
4. Training
5. Interactive
U - University Line
Pe - Placemaking Express Line
B. Length of Session (Check One)
1. SPEED Session (8 – 10 min)
2. Standard Session (75 min)
3. Law/Ethics Session (90 min)
D. Title of Session
E. Provide a description of your session suitable for
the conference program (must not exceed 100
F. Presenter Names, Designations (AICP, LEED AP, Esq., RLA), Titles, and Organizations
G. Contact Information for Each Presenter (At a minimum, include telephone number and e-mail
address for each presenter, and designate the primary contact and session coordinator.)
H. Presenter Biographies, including current professional title and notable achievements that
include expertise in subject (less than 100 words per presenter. Add additional sheets as needed.)
Audio Visual Requests (A microphone, laptop, LCD projector, and screen will be provided for each
session. If you need other equipment, please indicate below. Note that other equipment may cost
additional, and this will not be paid for by APA Florida.)
J. Scheduling (Strike through the times during which you absolutely CANNOT present.)
Thursday, September 4
10:45 AM
2:15 PM
3:45 PM
Friday, September 5
9:00 AM
10:30 AM
2:15 PM
Saturday, September 6
8:30 AM
3:45 PM
K. In 300 words or less, please describe how the proposed session meets or fulfills each of the
following 5 criteria:
1. Designed to meet a specific planning related training objective;
2. Designed to teach subject matter appropriate in depth and scope and at a level beyond a planner with at
least two years of professional planning experience;
3. Is non-promotional in nature;
4. Communicates a clearly identified educational purpose or objective, uses learning methodologies and
formats that are appropriate to the activity’s educational purpose or objectives; and
5. Designed to address demonstrated educational needs.
L. Does your session satisfy relevant AICP-CM requirements for Law or Ethics?
If so, describe below, in 100 words or less, how the content of your proposed session or presentation
will satisfy AICP Law or Ethics CM requirements. Also, please note that any session proposals
intending to qualify for Law or Ethics CM credit must be a minimum of 90 minutes in length.
Please check which applies to your session: