Minutes - Parent`s Dry Grad Committee Meeting

Minutes - Parent’s Dry Grad Committee Meeting – October 9, 2012
Present: Lisa West (Co-Chair), Virginia MacMillen (Co-Chair), Colleen
Wiens (Treasurer), Lisa Mitchell (Secretary), Christie Petkau, Heather
Sieben, Christie Young, Helen Fehr, Cathy Brickenden, Julie Hollis,
Kathryn Jenner, Tracey Batten, Laura Hughes, Bill Cody, Lindy Nelson,
Andrea Jones, Judy Holtjer
Date reminders:
-Grad photos will be taken October 29th to
November 6th; Grads will be receiving forms to book
appointment times next week
-Prom is tentatively scheduled for June 27th
-Grad Ceremonies are scheduled for June 28th
Grad fees are $140 and can be paid in three installments; due dates to be
Principal/Teacher Report:
Chris Van Berjyk and Raj Gupta advised that there have been two grad
council meetings so far. There are currently approximately 40 students on
the grad council.
The grad council have decided to have the grad photo taken this fall and
have suggested it take place on Main Street; the logistics of doing so are
being considered.
The grad council have started discussion on a grad theme and grad logo.
A decision on theme is anticipated by the next parent meeting.
Raj Gupta reminded parents that the deadlines for the TD Bank and
Laurents scholarships are coming up. Parents not currently receiving
emails regarding scholarships and bursaries can contact their child’s
counsellor to be added to the email list.
Grad Survey:
A survey provided to the grads resulted in 38 replies to the following
1. Would you be in favour of cutting back on a few dry grad activities in
order to donate the money to a charity? 7 grads replied no; 12 grads
replied yes.
2. Would you like grad to occur over two days or all in one day? 3 grads
replied one day; 27 grads replied two days.
3. Would you be interested in an opportunity to go white water rafting at
an additional charge after grad is over? 10 grads replied no; 26.5
grads replied yes.
Committee chairs have been appointed as follows:
Fundraising – Karen Edge and Julie Hollis
Donations – Sheila Clements
Security – Bill Cody
Decorations – Cindy Nelson
Entertainment – Andrea Jones
Food – Andre Fagant
Volunteers are needed to all committees. Sign up sheets for the various
committees were available at the meeting. Parents who were unable to
attend the meeting, please contact the committee chair to volunteer.
The goal is to have one fundraiser per month. Options to date include
delivering Infotel books (earns $2,000) and purchasing $100 Nesters gift
cards from Lisa West (earns $10 per gift card). Gift cards are available at
the monthly meetings or contact Lisa West.
Prizes are needed for a silent auction/raffle for possible dinner/dance
fundraiser or dry grad.
There was discussion to consider the use of breathalyzers at dry grad.
Chris Van Berjyk advised that the school does have access to
The arena is decorated the Monday to Wednesday before grad. Grads are
responsible for the backdrop. Decisions on decorations are pending the
grads deciding on a theme.
The grads were surveyed and choose the following dry grad activities in
order of preference:
1. Laser tag
2. Chocolate fountain
3. Hypnotist
4. Velcro wall
5. Oxygen bar
6. Bungee run
7. Photo booth
8. Human spheres
9. Sumo wrestling
10.Human foosball
Other suggestions were a mechanical bull, waterslides and paintball.
The cost of a hypnotist ranges from $1,200 to $2,500 but the cost could
be shared with another school if dates coordinate.
It is the responsibility of the parent committee to book the DJ for prom.
Suggestions for DJs can be given to Andrea Jones.
Parents can donate Nesters points to the dry grad committee, which
historically has covered the majority of the food costs.
Treasurer Report:
Treasurer Colleen Wiens reported that last year $16,000 was brought in
through fundraising and $700 in donations.
A donation of $200 has been received from Mountview Growers.
The current balance of the account is approximately $2,200.
Lisa West, Colleen Wiens and Judy Holtjer were appointed signatories
of the bank account.
It was suggested that in lieu of some dry grad activities, additional funds
be spent on a more formal prom. Suggested locations were the
Summerland Resort, the Summerland Golf Course and the Summerland
Racquet Club.
It was also suggested that the prom include an earlier dinner and
options discussed were a standing reception (offered by the
Summerland Resort), a family dinner before prom and a dinner attended
by grads only (dates not graduating could attend after dinner).
bursaries/scholarships be awarded on a separate night, that
bursaries/scholarships be awarded to ten recipients at a time on the
stage or that two podiums be used, with one announcing the students
graduation and the other announcing any award that student received.
Next meeting: Tuesday, November 13, 2012 at 7:00 pm in the SSS
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