Press Release
Tire Concept for low CO2–Emission and E-Cars
 Driving range of electrical and hybrid cars will be enlarged
 Continental: No compromises in safety
 5 per cent e-cars estimated in Europe by 2020
Hanover, May 2011. The automotive industry is pushing forward the development of
electrical and hybrid vehicles. One key criterion for customer acceptance is the driving
range of these cars. Continental is showing its support for these exiting new vehicles by
developing a new class of tires, especially designed for the needs of electrical cars. The
highlight of this new tire is a substantially reduced rolling resistance and a much lower
noise level without compromising the current safety performance level.
This new level of performance improvement will be reached at same load carrying
capacity by increasing outer and rim diameter via new rubber compounds and tire
construction. A larger outer diameter however, coupled with the same load carrying
capacity, allows a reduced tire width.
FEM (finite element method, a computer based simulation tool) simulation played a
significant role to balance all tire performance criteria of the new tire line. Safety
requirements, such as wet braking, vehicle handling and mileage, remained on the same
high level as modern Eco tires. The new tread pattern will be especially designed for low
noise emission and low rolling resistance. High speed performance can be adapted to the
requirements of electrical vehicles. Moreover, this tire concept is also capable to reduce
the CO2-Emission of combustion engine cars.
It is not the need of reducing CO2-Emissions and the responsibility for the environment
alone driving Continental to the development of tires for e-cars and hybrid cars. A survey
in Europe, Asia and the US shows that the acceptance of these cars is already quite high.
Nearly 50 per cent of the end consumers feel, that electric cars will be “very capable in the
future” as an alternative to conventional vehicles. But customers are still unhappy with the
relatively small driving range of e-cars. This shows the need of specialized tires.
Specialized tires can be one of the most important measures to enlarge the driving range
of electrical cars. For Europe Continental estimates are about 5 per cent market share of
these cars by 2020, worldwide a share of 3 per cent by the same date. This means that
the tire industry should not step aside in development and production of e-car tires. At the
moment there are only a few e-cars in the streets, but in the next 10 years this will change
dramatically. Consumers will be driven by their own responsibility for the environment, by
rising costs for conventional energy and, maybe, by the governments to concentrate more
on forms of alternative driving. OE customers and consumers are asking the tire industry
to find resolutions for affordable, individual mobility and reduced pollution.
With annual sales of more than € 26 billion for 2010, Continental is among the leading automotive
suppliers worldwide. As a supplier of tyres, brake systems, systems and components for powertrains
and chassis, instrumentation, infotainment solutions, vehicle electronics and technical elastomers,
Continental contributes to enhanced driving safety and global climate protection. Continental is also a
competent partner in networked automobile communication. Continental currently employs
approximately 155,000 staff in 46 countries.
Continental is Europe's market leader for car tyres. In the Original Equipment sector, over 30% of all
new European cars leave the factory on Continental tyres. The Tyre Divisions are an Official Sponsor
of the 2014 FIFA World Cup BrazilTM. For further details, visit
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