MSSGC Research Infrastructure: Call for Proposals

NASA/Mississippi Space Grant Consortium
Call for Proposals: Research Infrastructure Program
December 2011
The NASA/Mississippi Space Grant Consortium (MSSGC) is soliciting proposals for
collaborative research infrastructure projects to be conducted during February 1, 2012 to
April 30, 2013. MSSGC will fund three $25,000 awards. A variety of different types of
projects may be proposed within the following guidelines:
1. The project must involve more than one institution. It may involve a partnership with
another college or university within the state (whether or not a current Mississippi Space
Grant Consortium affiliate), a NASA Center, or an aerospace-related company within the
2. There must be a 1:1 match on all Space Grant funds. A cash match is not required;
there are no indirect costs associated with Space Grant. Requested funds may be used for
faculty support, travel (faculty and/or student), student support, and supplies. No
equipment may be purchased with Space Grant funds.
3. If Space Grant funds are to be paid to an individual (as a stipend or faculty summer
support); all individuals receiving Space Grant funds must be U.S. citizens.
3. There must be faculty and students involved in the research project.
4. There must be a commitment to include underrepresented groups in the activity.
Preference will be given to projects that are related to NASA, have a strong
interdisciplinary team, include new faculty, directly involve students and involve a
NASA Center or Enterprise or an aerospace-related company. Projects must have
specific outcomes, for example, to encourage students to pursue graduate degrees in
science, math or engineering, or to prepare one or more research proposals for funding
agencies like NASA or NSF.
The length of the proposal is limited, as described below. The text must be no smaller
than 12-point font; single spaced and should be printed on one side only of letter-size
paper using 1" margins on all sides. Proposals not meeting these requirements will not be
The body of the proposal is limited to 5 pages maximum. It should contain a description
of the project, the objectives, the expected outcomes and impact, the relation of the
proposed work to NASA, and the number and names of participants, both faculty, and
undergraduate and graduate students. The schedule of the project should also be
addressed. The project start date is any time after February 1, 2012; it is expected that all
work will be completed by April 30, 2013.
Proposals should be submitted by Monday, January 16, 2012 to:
Peter Sukanek
Director, Mississippi Space Grant Consortium
Department of Chemical Engineering
The University of Mississippi
University, MS 38677
[email protected]
One paper copy and one electronic copy are required.
The maximum amount of Space Grant funds that can be requested for this effort is
$25,000. The proposal should contain an explanation of the requested budget. (This
budget narrative is not included in the 5 page limit.) Acceptable items for the budget are
faculty salary, student wages, travel, and commodities. Space Grant funds cannot be
used for equipment. The source of the required 1:1 match must be explained.
Within 30 days of the end of the project, the principle investigator should submit a report
to the Mississippi Space Grant office summarizing the results of the project, the names of
the faculty and students involved, and any measurable outcomes, such as proposals
submitted to federal and/or state agencies for further funding, and papers submitted for
presentation and/or publication.
Proposals will be reviewed by the MSSGC. Awards will be made by the beginning of
February 2012.
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