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In partnership with 157 group, AELP, AoC and emCETT
High quality, non-accredited personalised learning for learners
with special educational needs and/or disabilities
Call for Sector Leaders from Work Based Learning/ Independent
Training Providers and employers
Last year 50 members of staff from different types of learning provider trained to
become Sector Leaders, capable of driving forward improvements in the quality of
non-accredited learning through the use of RARPA (Recognising and Recording
Progress and Achievement). We are delighted to announce that the Education
and Training Foundation is funding a further project to extend the approach to
quality assuring non-accredited programmes, using the 5 stage RARPA process or
similar systems.
Now we are looking to train 30 more Sector Leaders from independent
training providers who will be able to support improvements in nonaccredited learning for learners with learning difficulties or disabilities in
their own organisations - and help other providers do the same.
Sector Leaders will be funded and will receive support and training to use the
guidance framework and resources1 on the Foundation’s Excellence Gateway and
to implement, test out and evaluate the approach in the work-based leaning
context. They will begin to embed the approach in their organisation’s quality
assurance systems. Sector Leaders will provide feedback and examples of
implementing the approach, to illustrate guidance adapted to the WBL setting.
They will also have the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues in regional
groups for the training on external moderation through peer review. As a result they
will be able to implement and embed a continuous cycle of quality improvement,
You can find a link to the guidance and find further resources on the excellence gateway here:
including external moderation through a peer review process, in their own
Do you have systems in place to ensure that learners with learning
difficulties or disabilities on non-accredited programmes make good
progress and achieve well?
Would you like to increase confidence in the rigour of your quality assurance
systems, and provide evidence for learners, funders, commissioners and
Is there someone in your organisation with the skills and experience to
become a Sector Leader in this important area?
If so, please encourage suitable staff to apply for this important role.
Benefits to participating organisations
Organisations will
 receive £500 to cover their costs
 provide credibility for and improve their non-qualification based aspects of
provision for learners with learning difficulties or disabilities, resulting in high
quality, personalised study programmes
 develop a quality assurance approach to non-accredited learning that can
be readily embedded in their existing quality assurance cycles and has been
mapped against the Common Inspection Framework (CIF)
 have a means of providing clearly evidenced information on the value and
quality of these additional aspects of learning to inspectors, funders,
commissioners and others
 be able to demonstrate the added value achieved through ALN and ASN
Benefits to Sector Leaders
Sector Leaders will:
 receive training and support in quality assuring and moderating nonaccredited learning
 develop expertise which will contribute to their professional development,
enhance their own provision and enable them to undertake future
development work both within and beyond their own organizations.
If you are interested in applying for the Sector Leader role, please read through the
remit below and complete the application forms.
Applications must be emailed to Mike Cox by 5pm on Friday
21 November, 2014.
If you do not feel able to be involved at this time but would like updates on
progress, please email to be kept informed.
Remit for Sector Leaders
Sector Leaders must be available to attend a training and development
workshop in November /December in London and a second workshop
between January and March 2015 in their own region.
At the first workshop, Sector Leaders will be introduced to and discuss the
implementation of the quality assurance approach and guidance in the WBL
context and a full briefing on project activities.. They will then be expected in their
own organisations to
implement, test out and evaluate the standards and criteria by conducting
an internal review of their non-accredited provision, using the guidance,
carry out a self-evaluation with five or more staff in their organisation
provide evaluative feedback and provide advice and examples to illustrate
additional guidance for the WBL context
identify future areas for improvement, and from these select one or two
which they feel are highest priority and will have greatest impact
develop resources to support their own organisational improvement, which
can also be shared more widely.
In addition, Sector Leaders will be trained to participate in external moderation
through peer review (inviting a peer in to review their non-accredited provision and
visiting another provider to review their provision).
The second workshop will be an opportunity to share progress, review resources
and advise on next steps.
At the end of the project, each Sector Leader will complete a final questionnaire,
recording project impact and recommended next steps.
What support will be available for Sector Leaders?
Throughout the programme Sector Leaders will receive ongoing support, in the
form of phone, email or Skype contact, from Mike Cox (AELP) and Sally Faraday
(Project Director) and from other Sector Leaders in their region.
Who can apply?
We welcome applicants from independent training providers of all types and sizes
and from disabled staff in particular. .
Please contact Mike Cox at for further information.
Person Specification for Sector Leaders
Sector Leaders need to have, or be willing to further develop:
 experience of working with trainees with additional learning/additional social
needs using the 5 stage Recognising and Recording Progress and
Achievement (RARPA) or similar process, including developing
individualised study programmes and/or supporting trainees into
 some knowledge of how these processes work across programmes for
learners with additional learning/social needs working understanding of
quality assurance systems in their organisation
 experience of course review and evaluation, including development of/or
contribution to improvement plans
 ability to plan and deliver support to other staff in their team
They must also have
 availability to attend the relevant workshops and meetings
 support for their participation from the Chief Executive of their organisation.
Selection Criteria
Candidates will be selected according to the extent to which they meet the Person
Specification. We will also be seeking to ensure a spread across regions, provider
types, and occupational sectors and to include a range of different types of
learning programme.
Applications cannot be considered without appropriate senior management
Application Form for Sector Leaders to be emailed to Mike Cox by 5pm on Friday 21st November 2014
Organisation name and address:
Occupational sector(s):
Role in organisation:
Email contact address:
Please provide a brief statement (maximum 400 words) stating why you
are interested in applying for this Sector Leader role and how your
experience matches that required in the Person Specification.
Please complete the organisational audit by colour blocking one box per
characteristic. This will help us to demonstrate impact over the course of the
Also please complete the attached equality and diversity form, which will be
detached from your application
I have read and agree to the attached Sector Leader remit.
I confirm I will be available to attend 2 workshops.
I will need the following access or mobility support to undertake this role:
Signature of applicant:
I have read the Sector Leader agreement and am happy to support this
Job title and Signature of Senior Manager:
(Please add electronic signatures or agree support in covering email)