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Hillingdon Community Health
Kirk House
97-109 High Street
Middlesex, UB7 7HJ
Telephone: 01895 452000
When the surgery is closed call
Hillingdon Community Health Online (Our
Hillingdon Community Health (HCH) the local NHS Provider of community health services in Hillingdon also
providing some services in neighbouring boroughs. Hillingdon Community Health is part of the Community
Services Division of Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL), our head office is based
within Kirk House in Yiewsley.
We operate thirty-two community health services from sixteen clinical sites across the borough
and beyond in a range of settings including patient's homes,schools, childrens' centres and local
About CNWL
Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL) is a large and diverse
organisation, caring for people with a wide range of physical and mental health needs. Our 5,500
staff make-up more than 300 different teams, who provide healthcare to around one third of
London’s population and the surrounding areas.
We provide a wide range of services to treat people with a variety of health needs. In broad
terms, these include common physical health problems, long-term conditions, mental health,
learning disabilities, eating disorders, addictions and sexual health. We are here to provide
support for people through every stage of life.
The majority of our services are provided in the community, which means treating people in their
homes or from clinics close to home. Where community care is not possible we offer a number
of facilities to treat people in hospital or residential environments. We also provide healthcare in
prisons in London and the surrounding areas.
We are committed to providing services that meet the needs of the people who use them, and we
actively encourage involvement from local people who can help make a difference. The
following map shows the areas we cover and the range of services available in each area. A
number of our services are also available to people nationally.
PALS is available locally for feedback on any Hillingdon Community Health Services if you
have any concerns about the care you are receiving.
For more information on CNWL please visit: (
About Us
Hillingdon Community Health (HCH) the local NHS Provider of community health services, has
now formally joined Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL), This
change took effect from 1 February 2011. Our head office is based within Kirk House in
CNWL is part of the NHS and provides excellent community services in nine boroughs in
Greater London. CNWL is a large Trust with an excellent reputation, this change is part of the
changes that are happening to all community NHS services across the country. Foundation Trusts
are still part of the NHS; they have to meet the same quality standards. It is an excellent NHS
Foundation Trust and is well established.
PALS is still available locally for feedback on any Hillingdon Community Health Services if you
have any concerns about the care you are receiving.
For more information on CNWL please visit: (
Hillingdon Community Health operates thirty-two community health services from sixteen
clinical sites across the borough and beyond in a range of settings including patient's
homes,schools, childrens' centres and local hospitals. Our Services are divided as follows:
Adults Services
Children Services
Other Services - these are specialist elements within our adult and childrens services.
Head Office
[email protected],+ub7+7hj&hl=en&sll=37.0625,95.677068&sspn=30.406222,49.658203&vpsrc=0&t=m&z=15
2012/13 Strategic Priorities
HCH Strategic Priorities 2012/13
We are actively seeking local people, service users and carers to join our membership and
become involved in the future of community and mental health services in central and north west
How to Join
Visit us online at:
email us at [email protected]
call freephone: 0800 0234047
complete the form below and email it to mailto:[email protected]
CNWL_Members_Form.doc (Become a Member form)
Why become a member?
Becoming a member of Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust is an excellent
way to have a say on how health and wellbeing services are run in your area.
Your experience of living in the area, using health services, or knowing someone who uses the
services means you are in the best position to tell us how they can be improved.
Foundation Trust members and governors help us improve the day-to-day running of our
services. You will also have the opportunity to have a say on the future direction for the Trust's
work, by becoming directly involved in service design and scrutiny.
Who are our Members?
Our members include anyone who:
is over the age of 16
works for the trust
has used our services in the last three years
has cared for someone who has used our services in the last three years
or lives in the Greater London area.
Membership Benefits
As a member you will receive:
our members' magazine three times a year, which includes health advice and news from
the trust
exclusive invitations to events and meetings
the chance to help with projects, such as our Mystery Shopper and service user survey
programmes to improve quality.
access to NHS Discounts - offering money off many high street brands, check out ( .
Senior Management Team Structure
The Contact Centre is ‘a single point of access' to patients, carers and referrers. Staff at the centre
will be able to assist you with any queries related to your referral provided they have received
this from your GP for the following services:
MSK Physiotherapy
Ambulant Wound Care Clinic
Hours of Business: Monday to Friday: 8.00 am - 4.55pm
Telephone contact details:
For MSK Physiotherapy and Ambulant Wound Care: Tel 01895 486127
For Podiatry: Tel: 01895 485005
Once you receive your appointment for the services listed above, if you cannot attend the
date/time allocated to you please contact the centre on the above details immediately and they
will assist you to change this to a more convenient date/time to suite you.
Please note that if you fail to attend a MSK Physio appointment without informing us this will be
marked as a DNA (did not attend) and you will be discharged. In the event that this happens and
you do still need to see one of our healthcare professionals you will need to revisit your GP and
request re-referral.
We are always looking at ways we can improve the patient experience and welcome feedback on
your experience. This can be done via our care pledge or by emailing us at [email protected]
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Interpreting Services
Need an Interpreter? to find out how to access interpreting services click here: Interpreting
Please allow 48 hours, excluding weekends and Bank Holidays, for your request to be processed.
Any problems please telephone the surgery.
Adult Services
For Easy Read A-Z of Services click here
Adult Speech and Language Therapy (SALT)
Community Cardiac Team
Community Matron Service
Community Dental
Community Rehabilitation (Parkinson's Nurse Specialist)
Contraceptive and Sexual Health Services (CASH)
DESMOND (Newly Diagnosed with Type II Diabetes)
District Nursing
EPIOC (Electronically Powered Indoor & Outdoor Chairs)
Heart Failure (See Community Cardiac Team)
HCIL (Hillingdon Centre for Independent Living)
MSK (Musculoskeletal) Physiotherapy
Northwood and Pinner Community Unit (Inpatient Unit)
Palliative Care
Rapid Response
Safeguarding Adults
Tissue Viability (Complex Wound Care)
TB Nursing
Wheelchair Service
Childrens Services
Click on a service to find out more... For Easy Read A-Z of Services click here
Community Paediatricians
Contraceptive and Sexual Health Services (CASH)
Health Visiting Service
Immunisation Task Force
Looked after Children
Paediatric Occupational Therapy
Community Children's Nursing Team
Paediatric Physiotherapy
Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy
Safeguarding Children
School Health Nursing
Other Services
Breastfeeding Support
Chlamydia Screening
Community Engagement Programme Team(CEP)
Falls Clinic (see Community Rehabilitation)
Our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) is about making the Trust’s services as
welcoming and responsive as we can, for as many people as possible.
PALS is here to
Give you information about local health services.
Advise and support those who use our services.
Listen to your concerns.
Help sort out problems quickly on your behalf.
Help you with making a formal complaint if you want to do this.
Ensure that those who manage services can learn from the issues you raise.
We will keep anonymous statistics about the kinds of questions and problems people have, so the
Trust can learn from this.
How to contact PALS:
For Hillingdon PALS service please telephone 01895 488555, or email [email protected]
Learning Disabilities
To help you access our services and give you support Hillingdon Community Health have
put together some Easy Read information .
A-Z Easy Read of HCH Services and Telephone Numbers - click to see
Making Decisions - The Mental Capacity Act - Easyread Guide - click to read more
Patient Passport - to help you when you come to clinic or when you are out and about - click to
PALS LEAFLET - to help you get help - click to see
Easy Read - Equality Delivery System for the NHS
Top Tips for supporting and meeting the needs of people with Profound and Multiple
Learning Disabilities
More useful links for Learning Disabilities
When its less than urgent call 111 - EASY READ GUIDE TO THE 111 SERVICE CLICK
NHS Jobs
NHS Jobs
We are proud of our staff and workforce and want to provide a supportive and positive
environment for all. We consider communication with staff to be key in ensuring the workforce
is kept informed, motivated and praised for their work. Staff input is encouraged for policies and
new initiatives before they are implemented, we firmly believe working together is a crucial
component in making our staff feel valued in their role.
More reasons to work for Hillingdon Community Health:
Supportive working environment for staff
Excellent training and development support for staff
Flexible working
NHS pension
Commitment to equality and fairness for all staff
Useful Links
NHS Jobs (
NHS Careers (
Central and North West London NHS Jobs (
Care Pledge
Our Care Pledge to You: Ensuring a Positive Patient Experience
Hillingdon Community Health's overriding aim is to provide excellent care for patients. Making
Hillingdon Community Health a positive and caring service is the responsibility of every one of
our staff whatever our job position or department.
View our care pledge here
Our Promise
We will:
Be immediately welcoming, helpful and approachable.
Introduce ourselves and address you in a professional, friendly manner.
Treat you with courtesy and avoid having private conversations whilst you are waiting.
Be respectful and not use language that may be offensive to you.
Behave professionally with due regard to your safety at all times.
Wear an identification badge that is visible and be well presented at all times.
Endeavour to attend to your individual and cultural needs as well as your clinical needs.
Support you to access information and to express your needs / preferences, which may
include the use of interpreting services when required.
Give you timely updates on your progress and involve you / your family as key partners
in decisions about your care.
Ensure that our staff are competent to undertake their duties.
Work closely with colleagues so that everyone involved in your care is kept well
Listen actively with an open mind, not interrupting you or presuming that we know what
you are going to say.
Treat you as an individual taking account of any specific needs that may hinder effective
Anticipate and respond to carers / family questions and worries.
Make a point of asking you how well we are attending to your needs.
Make the maintenance of your privacy our priority.
Afford you maximum possible choice and control over your treatment.
Always explain and request permission before carrying out any procedures.
Endeavour to identify other services and sources of support that may be helpful in
meeting your wider health needs.
Show friendliness and consideration at all times.
Listen to the views of others.
Ask patients / visitors how they wish to be addressed.
Give patients our full attention.
Make sure we have appropriate knowledge about a patient’s condition and care.
Ensure patients, relatives and carers are aware and involved with patient’s care plan.
Show respect to patients and colleagues alike.
Ensure we maintain patients’ privacy and dignity.
Dress appropriately with due regard to patient safety.
We will not:
Use inappropriate expressions of endearment, such as ‘love’ or ‘dear’.
Frown or be rude.
Make you wait unnecessarily.
Discuss patients care so others can hear.
Walk into a room or behind a curtain without asking permission.
Use inappropriate language.
Use mobile phones in the workplace unless required for Trust work, or in an emergency.
Shout or raise our voices, suck our teeth or roll our eyes.
Wear inappropriate clothing, exposing bare midriff or cleavage, or clothing with
inappropriate slogans, or shorts.
Chew gum.
Talk over patients without explaining what is happening.
Blame other departments when things go wrong.
When you telephone us, we will:
Introduce ourselves, the department and ask how we can help you.
Resolve your query immediately if this is possible, or we will call you back within an
agreed time frame.
When you visit our services, we will:
Be responsive, welcome you, introduce ourselves and ask how we can help.
Explain which colleague will help you if we cannot ourselves.
What we ask of you. Please:
Be polite and respectful to all our staff.
Tell us about any changes that may affect your health.
Tell us about any worries and concerns that may be impacting on your health.
Be patient if you are asked to wait.
Give us feedback and comments so we can learn and continue to make improvements.
Let us know if you think we are not doing enough to prevent and control the spread of
Equality and Diversity
The right for everyone to be treated equally, regardless of their age, disability, gender,
race, religion or sexual orientation.
Hillingdon Community Health has a key interest in reducing health inequalities in Hillingdon
this is rolled out through all our strategies and business plans. Achieving this can only be done
by understanding the needs of all people living in Hillingdon and working hard to provide
services that meet the needs of our community.
HCH/CNWL serves an extremely diverse population and has a workforce that is also extremely
diverse. It therefore recognises its duties and responsibilities in meeting the Equalities and
Diversity agenda not only from a legislative perspective, but in order to promote and sustain the
constructive human relationships that underpin effective service delivery and management.
Our Committment
From this page you can access a range of documents and information about Equalities and
Diversity initiatives within CNWL. (WWW.CNWL.NHS.UK/EQUALITY_DIVERSITY.HTML)
Easy Read - The Equality Delivery System for the NHS
The North West London Lesbian and Gay Group is a friendly group who welcome gay men,
lesbians, bisexuals and transpeople of all ages and backgrounds, contact to find out more:
Tel:07941 707884, email: [email protected] or visit ( .
Access to Health Records
How to Access Your Health Records
Your Rights
All patients have the legal right to request copies of their healthcare records. In line with legal
requirements a process has been has been drawn up to enable you to obtain copies of your
healthcare records.
What will happen when you make a request
When a request for access to health records is received the applicant will be asked to pay
a fee before the request is processed.
On receipt of the fee and supporting authorisation the request should be processed within
21 days if possible or latest within 40 days of payment.
In exceptional circumstances if it is not possible to comply within the 40 day period the
applicant will be informed.
Anyone requesting access to Medical Records will be required to:
complete an appropriate consent form
provide two proofs of identity
provide the required fee
The consent form, proof of identity and fee must all be provided before the request can be
processesed. The access to medical records officer will raise an invoice to request payment, this
will be sent with an accompanying letter to the applicant.
Contact Details for Medical Records Officer
[email protected]
Text Messaging Reminder Service
Currently being piloted in the Diabetes Service
Hillingdon Community Health uses a free text messaging reminder service to notify you in
advance of your appointments. Below is a list of frequently asked questions related to the service
with answers to help you understand how the service works.
How does it work?
If we hold a mobile number for you in our records, we will send you a free text message
approximately three working days before your appointment is due. The text will also offer the
option for you, if necessary, to request a cancellation or rearrangement of the appointment.
Can you send text reminders to more than one phone?
We can send the same message to more than one phone, as long as you have given us your
consent to do so. However, be careful if you are considering giving us a number for a mobile
phone you do not own, e.g. a company mobile. Is the mobile always in your possession? Would
you be happy that somebody else, perhaps a co-worker or other family member could see
messages about your appointments?
What happens if I do not want to receive text reminders?
You can opt out of the reminder service by sending an email to [email protected]
Please include the following information:
- Patient’s name
- Date of birth
- Postcode
- NHS Number (if known)
- RiO Number (if known)
What if I change my mobile number?
Once we know the new number we can continue the reminder service to your new mobile.
How secure is the service?
The information comes from our computer system which is highly secure. Mobile networks are
secure and the mobile phone companies put very strict controls in place to prevent individuals
from misusing network technology. It is extremely unlikely an individual text message would be
read, and it would take a high level system administrator access to do so. Once the message
reaches the mobile phone, it is only as secure as your phone.
Will the text messages be private?
We will not send any sensitive information by text, and you can tell us if you don't want us to
text you.
Will I have to pay for the text message?
No, unless you are outside the UK, in which case your mobile provider may charge you to
receive the text.
Can I reply by text if I can't make my appointment?
Not yet, but we hope to be able to offer this service in the future. There will be a number in the
text to call if you need to cancel or change your appointment, or if you require any further
How will we use your information?
Your contact details are important to us; ensuring that we can contact you in regard to
appointment bookings, appointment cancellations and as means of reminding you of your
forthcoming appointments.
All personal information will be kept in line with Department of Health retention period policy.
Please refer to the leaflet “How we use your health records” for further information.
What our patients say about us
Did You Know? Our 2011 Annual Patient Survey Showed....
93% of service uses who rated their experience as good or above.
99% of service users who felt the healthcare professional treated them with dignity and
96% of service users who felt the healthcare practitioner had listened carefully to them
97% of service users felt they had confidence and trust in their healthcare professional
96% of service users who were seen on time.
What Our Tissue Viability Patients said in 2011/12
The recent government paper (DOH 2010) has placed emphasis on providing more personalized
care, putting patients first, ensuring shared decision making becomes the norm “no decision
about me without me” and focuses on measuring quality outcomes and getting people back to
optimal function e.g. reduction in pain, improved walking, return to work.
A patient satisfaction audit was undertaken by the Tissue Viability Team (TVT) to determine the
experiences patients have whilst attending the Complex Wound Clinic (CWC) and the benefits
they achieve as a result. The data was collected from all new patients attending the CWC 1.4.11
– 31.3.2012. A simple questionnaire, used in several previous audits undertaken by TVT, was
sent to 154 patients and analysis undertaken by Clinical Governance. The report, written by
TVT, has linked the findings to the Dignity challenges (UK DOH 2009a) and Quality Care
indicators (UK DOH 2009b)
Key Results from the audit showed the following results and comments from our patients:
• 69 (45%) of the questionnaires were returned and analysed.
• 96% patients rated excellent v.good or good for being offered and appointment that suited
them. Objective of the white paper is to ensure services fit into what the patient needs. One
patient’s comment “Excellent treatment received on all the visits I made to your wonderful
clinic. Helpfulness at all times very willing staff and nursing care. A special thanks to Carol
on reception being always so helpful. Keep up excellent care. Many thanks and appreciation to
all concerned at clinic”
• 96% patients rated excellent v.good or good for being involved in decision making for their
treatment. Objective of the white paper is to ensure patients are involved in decision making
which improves concordance to treatment and improved clinical outcomes which has been
demonstrated in previous outcomes audits and by the many comments made in this audit. One
patient’s comment “The nurses and staff are very helpful, explaining everything and
demonstrating great concern for my health”
· 93% patients rated excellent or v. good for care needs meeting expectation. One patient’s
comment “Everyone at the clinic was completely professional and very helpful, especially
when I was upset and worried when it took long times for my leg to heal”
· 100% patients rated excellent/very good/good for their privacy and dignity being respected.
· 97% patients rated excellent/very good/good for being given the opportunity to ask questions
etc regarding their care. Patients working in partnership with Health Care Professional take
control for their health and research has shown better concordance to treatment (Wanless
2002).One patient’s comment “ Much happier with advice given with regard to treatment and
I’ve now been at the wound clinic about 10-12 weeks and its due to all the staff’s care and
persistence to my ulcer and cellulitis as to why I’m pain free now and able to walk a little
better and now have my life back”
• 100% patients rated excellent very good/good for how they were treated by staff eg
courteous respectful and friendly manner. One patient’s comments “Only I can say
everything was good and staff was very kind and sympathetic. They give me a lot of
encouragement. I could not write more my english as not very good”
• 97% patients rated excellent or very good/good for overall rating of service. One patient’s
comments “ I want to thank the nurses and all the staff at Hesa for the kindness and
consideration they all gave me in my treatment it couldn’t have been any better no matter
where I went. I am very grateful”
· 65% patients gave comments relating to improvements to their lives. Of these patients 16
(34%) mentioned an improvement in pain. One patient’s comment “ Pain in leg ulcer has gone
from extreme to bearable. Feel now there is light at the end of the tunnel and hope it wont be
long until I am back to normal”
• 94% made positive comments . One patient’s comment “I cannot rate all staff at Hesa highly
enough. They are a credit to the NHS”
Key recommendations of the audit:• Inform stakeholders of results to ensure community based services are commissioned close to
peoples homes for patients with complex wounds in Hillingdon.
• Undertake Patient Related Outcomes Audit (PROMS) to capture data regarding patient
reported outcomes.
The results of this audit are extremely positive demonstrating that the team are providing
high quality care to patients with chronic complex wounds to achieve better outcomes,
reducing pain and restoring normal function to improve quality of life.
Are you a Carer?
"One in 8 of us will become a carer at some time in our lives and this figure is growing as the
population ages" (Carers at the heart of 21st century families - HM Government 2008)
Do you look after a family member, partner, neighbour or friend who needs help because
of their illness, frailty, mental health, substance misuse problems or disability?
Does someone rely on you to help them live at home?
Is the care you give unpaid?
Do you consider yourself to be a carer?
If the answer is yes to any of the above you can contact Hillingdon Carers on 01895 811206
for help with benefits and support.
If you regularly spend time and energy looking after a disabled or frail adult or child, then you
are a carer.
Looking after someone else is often hardwork, can be stressful and may affect your health and
well-being. Remember it is important that your GP knows you have caring responsibilites,
contact your surgery to register yourself as a carer.
HCH Information Sheet for Carers
Hillingdon Carers (
Information for Carers, Respite, Benefits, Newsletters and more....
Making Decisions - The Mental Capacity Act - Easyread Guide
Working Together to Improve Outcomes (Carers and Safeguarding Adults)
Becoming a Carer (A booklet about looking after someone with Dementia)
Patient Advice and Liason Service Leaflet
NHS choices - carers direct page is full of information designed for carers with advice on how you can
claim money for being a carer etc. visit the website to explore the information available: ( .
Coordinate My Care - is a way of electronically storing information about your illness and any specific
wishes you may have. Click here to learn more about Coordinate my care and to read the information
provided for patients and their carers
Patient Information Leaflets
Community Childrens Nursing Team
Community Matron Service (for more details visit the Community Matron Service Page)
Community Dental Refefral Service - Ickenham
Community Dental Referral Service Uxbridge
Community Specialist Dental Referral Service - Ickenham
Contraceptive and Sexual Health Services - Clinic Schedule
Health Visiting Service Information Leaflet
Hillingdon Centre for Independent Living Patient Information Leaflet
How we use your health care records
How to obtain NHS Dental Services
HCH Care Pledge Leaflet
Patient Advice and Liaison Leaflet
Parenting Leaflet
MSK Physiotherapy Patient Information Leaflet (Please visit the MSK service page for
additional information)
School Health Nursing Leaflet
Coordinate my care- information for Patients and Carers
Interpreting Services
To find out more click here: Interpreting Services
Call 111 when its less than urgent
NHS 111 is a new service that's being introduced to make it easier for you to access local NHS
healthcare services. If you live in County Durham and Darlington, Lancashire (excluding West
Lancashire), Lincolnshire, the London boroughs of Croydon and Hillingdon, Luton, North
Derbyshire and Nottingham City, or on the Isle of Wight, you can now call 111 when you need
medical help fast but it’s not a 999 emergency.
NHS 111 is a fast and easy way to get the right help, whatever the time.
NHS 111 is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Calls are free from landlines and mobile
When to use it
You should use the NHS 111 service if you urgently need medical help or advice but it's not a
life-threatening situation.
Call 111 if:
You need medical help fast but it's not a 999 emergency.
You think you need to go to A&E
E.aspx) or need another NHS urgent care service.
You don't know who to call or you don't have a GP to call.
You need health information or reassurance about what to do next.
For less urgent health needs, contact your GP
( or local
pharmacist (
in the usual way.
For immediate, life-threatening emergencies, continue to call 999
ceservices.aspx#dial999) .
How does it work?
The NHS 111 service is staffed by a team of fully trained advisers, supported by experienced
nurses. They will ask you questions to assess your symptoms, then give you the healthcare
advice you need or direct you straightaway to the local service that can help you best. That could
be A&E, an out-of-hours doctor
( , a
walk-in centre
( or urgent care centre, a community nurse, an emergency dentist
( or a late-opening chemist.
Where possible, the NHS 111 team will book you an appointment or transfer you directly to the
people you need to speak to. If you need an ambulance
ceservices.aspx) , one will be sent just as quickly as if you had dialled 999.
If a health professional has given you a specific phone number to call when you are concerned
about your condition, continue to use that number.
NHS 111 Easy Read Leaflet
NHS 111 Patient Information Leaflet - available in other languages from:
Service Contact Numbers
Cardiac Rehabilitation Team
Community Dental Referral Service
Commuity Matron Team
Community Rehabilitation (Physiotherapy,
Occupational Therapy, Dietician, Falls)
Continence Service (Bladder and Bowel)
Contraception and Sexual Health Services (CASH)
01895 488701 / 01895 485059
01895 488620
01895 488820
01895 488701 / 01895 485059
01895 485100
01895 488850
Diabetes & DESMOND Programme
District Nursing
EPIOC (Electronically Powered Indoor & Outdoor
Heart Failure Nursing
HCIL (Hillingdon Centre for Independent Living)
01895 485001
01895 484870
01895 484881
01895 484810
01895 484880
01895 485039
MSK Physiotherapy
Northwood & Pinner Inpatient Community Unit
Palliative Care (End of Life Support)
Rapid Response
Safeguarding Adults Team
Tissue Viability (Complex Wound Team)
TB Nursing
Wheelchair Service
01895 486127 (Appointment Enquiries)
01923 844226
01895 279412
01895 485005
01895 628816 (office 8.30-4.30)
alternatively Tel: 01895 633546
01895 488241
01895 485002 / Mob 07903 740290
01895 488228 / Mob: 07535326896
01895 484881
Communty Paediatricians
Community Engagement Team
Contraception & Sexual Health Services
Health Visiting
Immunisation Team
Looked After Children
Paediatric Occupational Therapy
Community Childrens Nursing Team
Mend Programme
Paediatric Physiotherapy
Paediatric Speech & Language Therapy
Safeguarding Children Team
School Health Nursing
01895 891200
01895 484817 / 01895 48336
01895 488850
01895 485200 / HCP Immunisation
Helpline: 07958 073089
01895 484830
01895 891211
01895 488480
01895 484900 Fit Teens: 01895 250272
01895 891222
01895 488200
01895 484941/585946 or 07956
273655/07984 604171
Minet clinic – 01895 484830
Laural Lodge – 01895 485062
Eastcote Health Centre – 01895 488810
The Health Visiting Service provide support with infant feeding in collaboration with maternity
services and Children Centres within Hillingdon.
How do I get off to the best possible start with breastfeeding?
You can access antenatal classes in your local children’s centre who will provide you with all the
information to make an informed choice and guide you through the first weeks of breastfeeding
your newborn.
Hillingdon Hospital Maternity Unit have developed a great resource pack
which is simple and clear in helping you get off to the best start with infant feeding
Where is breastfeeding support available in my local area?
Your local Children’s Centre has members of the team who have been trained to help/ support
you with breastfeeding along with your local health service. You can speak to your local
Children’s Centre, Midwife or Health Visitor about breastfeeding support.
You can contact your Health Visitor and local Children’s Centre by phone to ask for help at any
time of the working week. If a trained member of staff is not immediately available, everything
will be done to ensure you speak to the right person as soon as possible.
Breastfeeding support is available in your local area click here to find out more
Off to the Best Start
Caring for your baby at night - a guide for parents
Breastfeeding at study or work guide
Vitamin Supplements for babies and children
Volunteers Wanted! Are you interested in becoming a Breastfeeding Support
We are looking for people (dads and grandparents too) who have some experience (personally,
family, professionally or voluntary) of breastfeeding and would like to expand your knowledge
and support other families to breastfeed.
Subject to a successful interview and references you will be required to undertake a FREE 12
week training course (2.5 hours once a week). On completion you will become a Hillingdon
Breastfeeding Peer Support Worker, working alongside healthcare professionals and Children's
Centre staff in supporting local women to breastfeed.
Volunteer Application Pack - Hillingdon Breastfeeding Peer Support Worker Advert
For further information please contact:
Kelly Kinsella
Infant Feeding Coordinator (Hillingdon Hospital)
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 01895 279723
Your Pregnancy
Hillingdon Community Health works with your local maternity service and Children’s Centres in
providing you with information about your pregnancy and supporting you with your infant
feeding choices. Your health visitor will contact you in your pregnancy to introduce the service
and local team, this may be by letter or you may be offered an appointment to meet with you.
You can access an antenatal class at Hillingdon Hospital:
You can also access a course of antenatal classes (or parent-craft education) in a local Children’s
Centre (see details below). These classes have been especially developed using feedback from
local families and knowledge of community professional in Hillingdon and aims to prepare
families for the arrival the new baby.
Free Antenatal Classes
You can access any class in Hillingdon to fit in with your pregnancy timings, although it is a
good idea to meet your local children’s centre (as they will be the people that you will meet
when the baby arrives). All children’s centres have staff trained to help you with breastfeeding
Bellmore Childrens Centre Antenatal Classes click here for more details - Starting 26th July
2012 for 4 weeks on Thursdays from 11.30am to 1.00pm - booking essential by attached leaflet
or telephone 01895 671950.
Cowley St Laurence Childrens Centre Antenatal Classes click here for more details - courses
currently running from July - September booking essential telephone: 01895 671997.
Oak Farm Childrens Centre Parentcraft classes commence 15th November 2012 click here for
more details or contact the centre directly on the booking line - booking is essential telephone:
01895 254408
Harefield Childrens Centre - Parentcraft Classes commence 6th September 2012 Thursdays 35pm - booking essential by contacting the Centre on 01895 671982 or email:
[email protected]
Hillside Childrens Centre Antenatal/Parentcraft Classes click here for more details - Fridays
10:00am - 1.00pm. For dates and more information and to book your place please call - 01895
671995 (booking essential). Classes include baby massage, birth workshop, coping with pain in
labour, Stretch, breath & relaxation, wellbeing workshops and transition to parenthood.
Breastfeeding Support in Hillingdon Information leaflet
Fo r further information about Children’s Centres and the contact details see:
For further information about you and your pregnancy see:
NHS choices:
Healthy Start: (
Community Referral Forms
Further referral forms for community services will be available in the future.
Please note all referrals received are subject to meeting the service specific referral criteria.
TB Referral Screening Form TB Quick Reference NICE Guidance. Algorithm for New Entrant
ScreeningCommunity Dental Referral Guidance
Community Dental Adult Referral Form
Community Dental Paediatric Referral Form
Hillingdon Community Health Services are now providing services using the National
electronic appointment booking system, Choose and Book.
When your GP wants to refer you to a specialist, Choose and Book allows you to choose which
hospital or community clinic/service you have your first appointment at and also what date and
time it will take place. It gives you more control over where and when you are treated.
Your GP will discuss with you a choice of clinically appropriate hospitals, Community or
Independent sector services available for your treatment on Choose and Book and if you know
where you would like to be seen you may able to book the appointment before leaving the GP
If you need more time to consider your choices your GP can print out an appointment request
letter for you to take away. This letter lists your unique booking reference number (UBRN), your
NHS number and a list of hospital or clinic options for you to choose from. Your GP practice
will also give you a password with your appointment request letter to use for secure access to
booking your appointment with the National call centre or web site.
You can book your appointment either by:
Calling the Choose and Book Appointments Line on 0345 60 8888
Booking online at Choose and Book
Textphone 0345 85 02250
You must have your appointment request letter and your password if you want to book your
appointment after leaving the surgery.
Choose and Book benefits
Some of the benefits of having your appointment made using Choose and Book are
You can choose any Hospital in England funded by the NHS (this includes NHS hospitals
and some independent hospitals) or local Community service providers such as
Hillingdon Community Health. More information about service providers is available on
the NHS Choices website.
You can choose the date and time of your appointment.
You experience greater convenience and certainty. With Choose and Book, the choice is
There is less chance that information will get lost because Choose and Book
correspondence takes place through computers.
Frequently asked questions about Choose and Book
How do I book, change or cancel my appointment?
· You can book online using the information provided in your Appointment Request letter. You
can also contact the Appointments Line on 0345 6088888. They will be happy to book your
appointment for you. Sometimes service providers do not have their appointments linked to
Choose and Book (all Hillingdon Community Health services are directly linked) and when this
happens, you need to contact the hospital directly to book your appointment. This will be
indicated on your Appointment Request letter by a picture of a phone next to the relevant clinic.
· If you are calling your local hospital to make an appointment and cannot get through, this could
be because the hospital is getting a large volume of calls. If this happens, you can contact your
local Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS), who can ask the hospital to get in contact with
you. You can get details of your local PALS from your GP surgery or online (
· If you are calling The Appointments Line and cannot get though, this may be because the
service is also getting a large volume of calls. If this is the case, you will get a message telling
you that the service is busy and asking you to call back later. On many occasions, although the
automated message asks you to call back, your call will be answered fairly promptly.
· For complaints about the service you received from the Appointments Line, email directly to
[email protected]
What do I do if I have not got my reference number and password details?
· If you do not have this information, you should contact your GP practice who can provide you
with this so that you can book your appointment. The national Choose and Book team do not
have access to your personal information so cannot provide this for you. (
your services for more information about the care we provide.
Visit the Choose and Book website ( for more information about
booking your appointment online.
More information about Choose and Book for referrers .
Clinics and Health Centres
Eastcote Health Centre (
01895 488810
01895 488811
01895 484820
01895 484821
01895 484860
01895 484861
Abbotsbury Gardens
Eastcote HA5 1TG
Elers Road Clinic
Elers Road
Hayes UB3 1NY
Harefield Health Centre
Rickmansworth Road
Harefield UB9 6JY
01895 484800
01895 484801
01895 488820
01895 488821
01895 484870
01895 484871
01895 484830
01895 484831
01895 488830
01895 488831
01895 484810
01895 484811
01895 484840
01895 484841
01895 488850
01895 488851
01895 488860
01895 488861
01895 488840
01895 488841
01895 488870
01895 488871
Wood End Centre (
01895 484882
Judge Heath Lane
Hayes UB3 2PB
Wheelchair service
Hesa Primary Care Centre
52 Station Road
Hayes UB3 4DD
Ickenham Clinic (
Community Close, Long Lane
Ickenham UB10 8RE
Laurel Lodge (
Harlington Road
Hillingdon UB8 3HB
Minet Clinic (
Avondale Drive
Hayes UB3 3NR
Northwood Health Centre (
Neal Close, Acre Way
Northwood HA6 1TH
Oak Farm Clinic (
Long Lane
Hillingdon UB10 9PB
The Warren Health Centre
The Warren
Hayes UB4 0SF
Uxbridge Health Centre (
Chippendale Waye
Uxbridge UB8 1QJ
Westmead Clinic (
South Ruislip HA4 0TN
Yiewsley Health Centre (
20 High Street
Yiewsley UB7 7DP
West Drayton Physio Centre
145 Station Road
Child Development Centre
01895 484881
01895 891200
01895 891191
01923 844226
01923 844553
The Woodlands Centre
Hillingdon Hospital
Pield Heath Road, UB8 3NN
Northwood & Pinner Community Unit
Mount Vernon Hospital
Rickmansworth Road, HA6 2RN
The Community Cardiac Team consists of specialist nurses who work closely with specialist
GPs and the Cardiac Rehabilitation Team. The service treats adults who have had a cardiac event
including those with heart failure.
The service provides:
initial assessment and medication review
education of disease symptoms and treatment
appropriate interventions/treatments offered are appropriate
regular review and patient support
12 week Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme (Heart of Hillingdon) provided in patients'
home offering exercises, education, risk factor reduction, stress management and
smoking cessation if applicable.
Palliative care assessment and input
Patient helpline
Heart Failure Nurses: Tel: 01895 484810
Cardiac Rehabilitation Team: 07984 191315
Access to Service: Referrals are accepted from Hillingdon GPs for registered patients on their
The Community Dental Service provides a specialist range of treatments (subject to patients
meeting the referral criteria) for those who find it difficult to access a general dental practitioner.
Services provided include:
Endodontics - which is the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the dental pulp, tooth
root, and surrounding tissues, and in the associated practice of root canal therapy.
Periodontal - the treatment of simple gum inflammation to serious disease that results in
major damage to the soft tissue and bone that support the teeth, in some cases teeth will
need extracting.
Prosthodontics - the replacement of missing teeth and related mouth or jaw structures by
bridges, dentures, or other artificial devices.
Specialist Paediatric Dental Care - for those with complex medical needs or
behavioural problems.
Specialist Dental Care - for both Adults and Paediatrics with complex medical special
needs or behavioural problems.
The team promote oral health improvement and the prevention of disease. Following treatment
patients are referred back to their own Dental Practitioner.
Access to service: Referral is through a GP, Healthcare Professional or a General Dentist Practitioner.
Referral forms and guidance are available on our community referals page click here to
view .
Contact for information:
Uxbridge Dental Service: Telephone 01895 488620
Ickenham Clinic Dental Service: Telephone 01895 488822
Ickenham Clinic CDS Information Leaflet
Uxbridge Clinic CDS Information leaflet
Ickenham Clinic Specialist Service Information Leaflet
The service is delivered by a specialist team supported by a Vascular Consultant who attends
clinic. The specialist complex wound service is for patients registered with a Hillingdon GP who
have a complex tissue viability problem or a non healing deteriorating wound.
Patients are seen in a clinic setting or at home for those patients unable to attend clinic. The
Tissue Viability service aims to prevent inappropriate admissions to hospital by facilitating and
providing specialist wound management within the Community and if appropriate to facilitate
discharge from hospital.
To find out what our patient say about our service click here
Access to service : Referrals only from a GP or Healthcare Professional
Contact : Tel 01895 485002 / Mob 07903 740290
How to Prevent a Pressure Ulcer
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Hospital Liaison
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Marginalised Communities (CEP Team)
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Substance misuse
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