As a staff nurse and manager in the neonatal ICU, I participated in

Agnese Bianchi (RN, BScN, MN.) is a Project Manager for clinical documentation in the
Nursing Informatics department at the University Health Network (UHN) in Toronto. She
holds a Diploma of Registered Nursing from the Ryerson School of Nursing and
Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Master of Nursing from the University of Toronto.
Clinically Agnese’s nursing career has included various areas of paediatrics including
the neonatal ICU, orthopaedics and oncology. She has also worked as a research
assistant, career counselor, and nursing unit manager. She has lead and facilitated the
development and implementation of charting by exception, patient care standards, focus
charting and numerous quality improvement projects.
Agnese leads the clinical documentation initiative at UHN for nursing and allied health.
Her responsibilities include the development and implementation of an electronic
documentation system that captures and guides practice based on a patient-centred
practice model and grounded on best practice and nursing sensitive patient outcomes.
She also provides consultation on clinical practice, paper documentation, and policy
development to other departments. Agnese participates in various local and provincial
committees looking at the electronic health record and nursing informatics.
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