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Prof. Khalil Jamil Asali
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Name: Khalil Jamil Asali.
Martial Status: Married.
Nationality: Jordanian.
Academic Rank: Professor of Chemistry (Inorganic-Organometallic Chemistry).
1. Ph.D in chemistry, North Texas State University, Denton, Texas USA, 1979.
2. M.Sc. in chemistry, American University in Beirut, Lebanon, 1973.
3. B.Sc. in chemistry, Al-Azhar University, Cairo-Egypt, 1970.
Administrative Posts:
1. Chairman of Chemistry Department- King Saud University-Abha Branch, 1982 to
2. Vice Dean of College of Science and Arts- Jordan University of Science &
Technology, Sept. 1997 to Sept. 1998.
3. Chairman of Department of Applied Chemical Sciences, Jordan University of
Science& Technology, Feb.1999 to Sept. 2001.
4. Dean, College of Science, Tafila Technical University, Sept.2007- Sept.2009.
1. 12th Education Technology and evaluation (first workshop), JUST, 6-10/ 9 /1997.
2. 16th Education Technology (second workshop, tests and Measurements). JUST. 13/ 1999.
4. UNESCO Distance Education Course: Distance Education for Eastern
Mediterranean Universities on The Management of University-Industry Partnership.
2nd of October 2000 to 15th of January 2001. (upon nomination to participate in this
program from Jordan University of Science & Technology).
5. Workshop in “Linkage Between Universities and Private Production Sector”,
JUST, 1999.
6. Workshop “ Higher Education” – University of Jordan, 1998.
7. Workshop “Scientific Research” , JUST, 1998.
8. Workshop: “ Scientific Research and Development”, Hashimite University, 1998.
Selected Conferences
A. National:
- The 3rd Jordanian Chemistry Conference – Jordan University of Science
&Technology 21-22/ 10/ 1997
- 1st Annual Scientific Day of the College of Science and Arts, May 1998.
- 2nd Annual Scientific Day of the College of Science and Arts, June 1999.
- The 1st Jordanian Conference in Cosmetics, Amman, 1999.
- 3rd Annual Scientific Day of the College of Science and Arts, June 2000.
- 4th Annual Scientific Day of the College of Science and Arts, June 2001.
- The 2nd International Conference of Pure, Applied and Environmental
Chemistry, Yarmouk University, April 2000.
-The 3nd International Conference in Chemistry, Yarmouk University, April 2002.
- Jordanian Chemical Society Conference, 21-24 October 2003.
B. International:
1.EURESCO Conference in Inorganic Chemistry : “Design and Properties of Low
Nuclearity Metal Complexes, Achievements and Challenges of Organometallic
Chemistry and Homogeneous Catalysis”, 2-7 September, 2000. San Feliu de
Guixols, Spain.
2. XIVth FECHEM Conference on Organometallic Chemistry, 2-7 September,
2001. Gdansk-Poland.
3. XIIIth International Symposium in Homogeneous Catalysis, 2-7 September,
2002. Tarragona – Spain.
4. XLVI Zjazd PTCH I SITPCH, Polish Chemical Society Conference, 15-18
Sept. 2003, Lublin-Poland.
5. 10th Symposium in Modern Trends in Inorganic Chemistry, 15-17 December
2003, Bombay-India.
6. International Conference in “Modern Trends in Organoelement Chemistry
INEOS-50”, 30th May-4th of June 2004, Moscow - Russia
7. XIVIIth FECHEM Conference on Organometallic Chemistry, 2-7 September,
2005. Budapest-Hungary.
8. International Conference on Research Trends in Science and Technology, March 79/2005. Beirut – Lebanon.
9. Petra International Chemistry Conference, Tafila Technical University, June
2007, Jordan.
10. The 12th Asian Chemical Conference, June 22-25, 2007, Kuala Lampure,
11. "The First International Symposium on Super and Nanochemistry Toward
Application", 25-29/8/ 2008, Karkov-Ukrania.
12. International Conference " Functionalized and Sensing Materials" Dec. 7-9
/2009, Bangkok, Thailand.
13. 12th Eurasia Conference in Chemical Sciences, 16-21/4/2012, Corfu,
14. International conference in pure and applied chemistry PACCON2013, 2325/1/2013, Khon Kaen, Thailand.
Professional Chemistry Societies:
- Alpha Chi Sigma Fraternity 1976 – present.
- Jordanian Chemical Society 1995 - present
Research Experience and Research Interest:
The main area of research is organometallics with special emphasis on synthesis,
photochemical behavior and reactivity of metal carbonyls complexes. In Addition, a
reasonable experience in fast kinetics of the reactive, coordinatively unsaturated
Group VIB, M(CO)5, intermediates employing conventional kinetics and/or pulsed
laser flash photolysis with either visible or IR detection techniques.
Khalil J. Asali List of Publications
1. Mohammad El-khateeb, Khalil J. Asali, Mousa Al-Noaimi, Enas Al-Rabaee,
Deeb Taher, Thio- and Selenosulfonato Complexes of Iron Bearing
Aromatic and Heterocyclic Groups. (Submitted)
2. Khalil J. Asali and Naim Al-Said, Dinuclear Tungsten and Molybdenum
Tetracarbonyl Complexes Doublu-Bridged by Bis(phenylthio)alkane Bidentate
Ligands. Jordan Journal of Chemistry (2013), 8, 57-62.
3. Mohammad El-khateeb, Hasan Abual futouh, Khalil Asali, Helmar Görls,
Wolfgang Weigand. O-Alkylthiooxalato and Dithiocarboxylato Complexes of
Molybdenum and Tungsten, Polyhedron (2012), 38, 1185-189
4. Khalil J. Asali, Bimetallic group 6 tricarbonyls triply-bridged by
bis(phenylthio)alkane ligands. Advanced Material Research (2010), 93, 13-16.
5. Khalil J. Asali, Mohammad El-khateeb. Ahmad Darawsheh, Bimetallic group 6
metal tricarbonyls containing rigid backbone chelating ligands symmetrically
bridged by bis(diphenylphosphino)alkane. Jordan Journal of Chemistry (2009), 4,
6. Mohammad El-kateeb, Khalil J. Asali, Ibrahim Jibril, Anas Abuseni, Helmar Gorls
and Wolfgang Weigand . Multifunctional iron thiocarboxylate complexes:
Synthesis, reactivity and structure of CpFe(CO)2SCO-3,5-C6H4(COCl)2.
Transition Metal Chemistry (2009), 34, 419-424.
7. Mohammad El-kateeb, Khalil J. Asali, Amani Rababa’ah, Muhammad A.
Shaheen, Dinuclear Ruthenium Thiocarboxylate Complexes: (μZ)[CpRu(L)(L')SCO]2 (Z= 1,4-C6H4, 1,3-C6H4, (CH2)4). Jordan Journal of
Chemistry (2008), 3, 33-37.
8. Hassan A. Tayim and Khalil J. Asali, Facile synthesis and reactions of some
olefin-substituted acetylacetonate complexes. Journal of Coordination Chemistry
(2006), 59, 2083-2092.
9. Mohammad El-kateeb, Khalil J. Asali, Tariq Abu Salem and Richard Walter.
Synthesis and characterization of cyclopentadienyltricarbonyl tungsten
selenocarboxylate and selenosulfonate complexes. Inorganica Chimica Acta (2006),
359, 4259-4264.
10. Khalil J. Asali, Mohammad El-kateeb and Akef Al-Humaideen. Facile route to
synthesis of dinuclear group 6 metal carbonyls triply bridged by
bis(diphenylphosphino)alkane ligands. Jordan. Journal of Chemistry (2006), 1, 6168.
11. El-Khateeb, Mohammad; Khalil J. Asali.; Lataifeh, Anas. Iron dithiocarbonate
complexes: Structure of CpFe(CO)2SC(S)O-4-C6H4Cl. Polyhedron (2006),
25(7), 1695-1699.
12. Khalil J. Asali; Al Janaydeh, Husam. Synthesis and ligand-substitution
reactions of [Et4N][M(CO)5SCPh3] (M = W, Mo). Acta Chimica Slovenica
(2003), 50(4), 677-686.
13. El-Khateeb, Mohammad; Khalil J. Asali; Lataifeh, Anas. Half sandwich iron Sbonded mono-thiocarbonate complexes: structure of CpFe(CO)2SCO2Et.
Polyhedron (2003), 22(23), 3105-3108.
14. Fares, Mohammad M.; El-Khateeb, Mohammad; Khalil J. Asali, Synthesis,
Characterization, and Some Properties of 4-Vinylpyridine-Cr(CO)5 Containing
Polymers. Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers (2003), 13(3), 143155.
15. Khalil J. Asali; Ladogana, Tino; Bott, Simon G.; Dobson, Gerard R. μ-(2,2,9,9Tetramethyl-3,8-dithiadecane)decacarbonylditungsten(0). Journal of Chemical
Crystallography (2003), 33(9), 701-704.
16. Khalil J. Asali; El-Kateeb, Mohammad; Salhab, Raed. Bimetallic group 6 metal
tetracarbonyls doubly bridged by bisphosphine and/or dithiaalkane ligands.
Transition Metal Chemistry (Dordrecht, (2003), 28(5), 544-547.
17. Khalil J. Asali.; El-Khateeb, Mohammad; Battaineh, Tareq T. Novel anionic
heterocyclic thiolate complexes of group VIB metal carbonyls: Synthesis and
reactivity. Synthesis and Reactivity in Inorganic and Metal-Organic Chemistry
(2003), 33(6), 1047-1062.
18. Khalil J. Asali.; Janaydeh, Husam Al. Reactivity of tungsten(0) and
molybdenum(0) pentacarbonyl thiobenzoate anions: thiobenzoate as a cis-CO
labilizing ligand. Transition Metal Chemistry (2003), 28(2), 193-198.
19. Khalil J. Asali.; Janaydeh, Husam Al. Synthesis and ligand-substitution
reactions of [Et4N][M(CO)5SCPh3] (M = W, Mo). Acta Chimica Slovenica
(2003), 50(4), 677-686.
20. El-Khateeb, Mohammad; Asali, Khalil J. Asali; Lataifeh, Anas. Half sandwich
iron S-bonded mono-thiocarbonate complexes: structure of CpFe(CO)2SCO2Et.
Polyhedron (2003), 22(23), 3105-3108.
21. Khalil J. Asali.; El-Khateeb, Mohammad. Synthesis and reactivity of group 6
pentacarbonyl dialkyl sulfide complexes. Acta Chimica Slovenica (2002), 49(4),
22. Khalil J. Asali; El-Khateeb, Mohammad; Musa, Musa M. Bimetallic complexes
with bridging dithiaalkane ligands: preparation and kinetic study. Journal of
Coordination Chemistry (2002), 55(10), 1199-1207.
23. El-Khateeb, Mohammad; Khalil J. Asali; Musa, Musa M. Dinuclear group VIB
metal carbonyl complexes bridged by bis(diphenylphosphino)alkanes.
Transition Metal Chemistry (Dordrecht, Netherlands) (2002), 27(2), 163-165.
24. Khalil J. Asali; Awad, Hani H.; Dobson, Gerard R. Kinetics and mechanism of
reactions of cis-(piperidine)(L)Mo(CO)4 complexes with phosphines and
phosphites. Journal of Coordination Chemistry (1999), 47(1), 121-134.
25. Khalil J. Asali; Smit, Jaap P.; Ladogana, Santino; Dobson, Gerard R. Fast nondissociative cis-to-trans isomerization in the cis-(P(O-i-Pr)3)2Cr(CO)4
intermediate. Inorganic Chemistry Communications (1998), 1(3), 87-89.
26. Dobson, Gerard R.; Khalil J. Asali, Flash photolysis studies of cis(piperidine)(L)M(CO)4 complexes (L = phosphine, phosphite; M = Cr, Mo).
Book of Abstracts, 215th ACS National Meeting, Dallas, March 29-April 2 (1998),
INOR-480. CODEN: 65QTAA AN 1998:143096
27. Dobson, Gerard R.; Khalil J. Asali; Bott, Simon G. Intramolecular -C-H-Ohydrogen bonding in Group 6 metal carbonyl complexes. Inorganica Chimica
Acta (1993), 208(1), 1-3.
28. Dobson, Gerard R.; Cate, Charles D.; Cate, Colin W.; Khalil J. Asali,
Octahedral metal carbonyls. 78. Mechanism of alkane displacement by 1hexene from (alkane)pentacarbonyltungsten complexes (alkane = cyclohexane, nheptane). Estimates of the alkane-tungsten bond strengths in condensed media.
Inorganic Chemistry (1991), 30(23), 4471-4.
29. Khalil J. Asali; Awad, Hani H.; Kimbrough, Jerry F.; Lang, Bryce C.; Watts,
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base). Organometallics (1991), 10(6), 1822-6.
30. Khalil J. Asali; Van Zyl, Gideon J.; Dobson, Gerard R. Octahedral metal
carbonyls. 64. Ligand-exchange in fac-tricarbonyl(pyridine)[1,2bis(diphenylphosphino)ethane]molybdenum in toluene solution: The fac[tricarbonyl(toluene)[1,2-bis(diphenylphosphino)ethane]molybdenum
intermediate. Inorganic Chemistry (1988), 27(19), 3314-9.
31. Khalil J. Asali, "Kinetics and Mechanism of Ligand-Exchange Reactions in
fac-[1,2-Bis(diphenylphosphino)ethane]W(CO)4(piperidine)", Proceeding of the
3rd National Meeting of Chemists (1989), 1, 155-171.
32. Khalil J. Asali; Basson, Stephen S.; Tucker, Jay Scott; Hester, Barry C.; Cortes,
Jose E.; Awad, Hani H.; Dobson, Gerard R. Octahedral metal carbonyls. 62.
Mechanism of piperidine (pip) displacement by phosphines and phosphites (L')
from cis-(pip)(L)W(CO)4 complexes in chlorobenzene. Journal of the American
Chemical Society (1987), 109(18), 5386-92.
33. Dobson, Gerard R.; Hodges, P. Michael; Healy, Michael A.; Poliakoff, Martyn;
Turner, James J.; Firth, Stephen; Khalil J. Asali; Time-resolved IR
characterization of cis- and trans-[LW(CO)4(solvent)] [L = PPh3, P(OCHMe2)3,
and P(OEt)3] in n-heptane solution. The solvent as a token ligand in short-lived
reaction intermediates. Journal of the American Chemical Society (1987),
109(14), 4218-24.
34. Dobson, Gerard R.; Khalil J. Asali; Basson, Stephen S.; Dobson, Charles B.
Octahedral metal carbonyls. Part 59. A kinetics method for the identification of
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35. Dobson, Gerard R.; Khalil J. Asali; Octahedral metal carbonyls. 52.
Evidence for the formation of (o-phenanthroline)dicarbonylmolybdenum(0).
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37. Khalil J. Asali, Sites of reactivity during ligand-exchange reactions in
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Journal of the American Chemical Society (1977), 99(24), 8100-2.
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