Greatly Compassionate Thousand-Armed Guan

Greatly Compassionate Thousand-Armed Guan-Yin Bodhisattva
Grand Mandala Dharma Assembly
International Buddhism Sangha Association upholds and practices the teachings of H.H. Dorje
Chang Buddha III and Sakyamuni Buddha. The purpose of the Association is to benefit living
beings with great compassion and selfless devotion, and to enhance the welfare of all beings.
This summer, the United States faces a historical drought, the proportions of which have not been
seen in fifty-six years. In addition, there have been other natural disasters, such as tornadoes. All of
this has caused a serious loss of both life and property. We are deeply grieved over this. Thus, we
respectfully sought guidance from H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III as to what Buddhist practice we
should undertake in response. H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III gave the Association special
instructions to hold a Greatly Compassionate Thousand-Armed Guan-Yin Bodhisattva Grand
Mandala Dharma Assembly to eliminate disasters and pray for the well-being of the United
The Thousand-Armed Guan-Yin Bodhisattva is known as the kindest and most benevolent
Bodhisattva and the lord who looks upon the world with great compassion. She takes on various
forms in order to teach Buddha dharma to living beings. She helps those who call upon Her; She
frees those from sufferings and benefits all sentient beings. There are legends about Her appearing
in the images of Mother Mary, Mazu and many others. Among them, the depiction of Guan-Yin
Bodhisattva with a thousand arms and a thousand eyes is believed to have the most incredible
power that brings salvation to living beings and turns hostility to peace.
The International Buddhism Sangha Association, therefore, will hold the Greatly Compassionate
Thousand-Armed Guan-Yin Bodhisattva Grand Mandala Dharma Assembly on Sunday,
August 26, 2012 at 9:30a.m. at Hua Zang Si in San Francisco. The Thousand-Armed Guan-Yin
Bodhisattva Grand Dharma will be practiced in accordance with orthodox rituals, which will be the
first time in the U.S. history. We will beseech and invoke the Thousand-Armed Guan-Yin
Bodhisattva to descend to the mandala and bestow ultimate auspiciousness upon us. Prayers will be
made for the prosperity of the United States of America, the happiness of her people, the increase of
good fortune and wisdom of all believers, and the accomplishment of all aspirations.
All eminent monastics within Buddhism, seven types of disciples and people from all walks of life
are cordially invited to attend this extraordinary and supreme Dharma Assembly which one rarely
encounters in one’s lifetime. May we all receive the empowerment from the Buddhas and the
benefits of the Dharma.
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