Pain Therapy

Pain Therapy
Chronic pain is usually defined as pain which lasts beyond the ordinary duration of time
that an insult or injury to the body needs to heal. This is typically any painful condition
lasting longer than 3 months in duration. This can be one of the most challenging
problems for any patient and practitioner alike. Our office has taken an aggressive role in
addressing painful conditions which are not responding to conservative methods.
We offer in-office joint and bursal injections for conditions such as gout and other forms
of arthritis. With musculoskeletal pain, we provide adjunctive pain treatments including
electrical stimulation, which has been found helpful for decreasing pain immediately in
myofascial related pain and chronic as well as acute muscular strain syndromes.
Immediate reduction of pain allows more rapid functional recovery and compliance with
physical therapy. We utilize a newer Electroanalgesic device produced by Sanexas for
this purpose. This device exceeds the capability of typical TENS units by utilizing
computer based technology.
For pain syndromes involving neuropathic pain from compressive neuropathies (such as
carpal tunnel syndrome), radiculopathies (pinched nerve roots exiting the spine), and
painful peripheral neuropathy, we have the ability to provide rapid diagnosis using
surface electrode nerve conduction testing with the NC-Stat System manufactured by
Neurometrix, Inc. This device offers relatively painless nerve function testing in our
office with rapid turnaround results. Rapid diagnosis allows more rapid clinical decision
making and treatments, including nerve conduction blocks and pharmacotherapy for
these painful conditions.